Beachfront Villa Hikaru, Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

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Treasure Beach Vacation Rental
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Our 4 bedroom beachfront villa in Treasure Beach commands a sweeping vista of the Caribbean. It comes with our private tennis & croquet courts, our 50-foot pool and most important, our cook-housekeeper, who will spoil you. And a bonus: A money-back guarantee of sunshine from May thru November; ask!

Treasure Beach also has various beach cafes, road-side stands, and one or two more upscale, but far from formal, restaurants. What we don't have are exclusive, 'guest-only' restaurants. Everyone is welcome everywhere. And you can get to all your favorite culinary adventures right from our wonderful vacation rental on Treasure Beach Jamaica.

Enjoy local dishes of pumpkin soup, ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken and pork, or even curried goat. And don't forget the incredible fresh lobster*, fish, crab, conch*, and sea puss (octopus) which our fishermen provide daily. In fact, you can watch them unload their catch on the beach and choose your dinner right there.

Swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing, body surfing, biking, hiking? We've got them in abundance. And just steps from your room at the beachfront villa Hikaru. Maybe you prefer sitting under a tree with a cold Red Stripe beer, chatting with a new Jamaican friend? No problem, mon. Waterfalls, fishing excursions, boat trips, golfing, rum factory tours, mineral baths, a visit to Bob Marley's birthplace? They're all just a day trip away from our Beachfront Villa on treasure Beach.

Treasure Beach is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth, known island-wide for having the friendliest and hardest working people found anywhere in Jamaica. The sign welcoming visitors to the parish states, In this parish we work, not shirk. This well-deserved reputation derives from a work ethic instilled in generations of farmers and fishermen and is one more way in which Treasure Beach is set apart from the rest of the island. Even the landscape of Treasure Beach is distinct. We are known as the desert coast of Jamaica because we have the least amount of rainfall on the island. This lack of precipitation is due to the natural barrier provided by the Santa Cruz Mountains to the east. Many visitors have made the comment that this area reminds them of the savannahs of East Africa.

The closer you come to Treasure Beach the more you see flat plains with fields of low scrub grass, a variety of cacti (some reaching several feet tall), acacia trees, and lignum vitae trees. Worth noting is the lignum vitae, found in few locations around the world (and only on the south coast in Jamaica) because they survive in a dry, arid climate. Its small purple blossom is Jamaica's national flower.

Now is the time! Don't delay. Make your reservations today. And welcome to paradise found at Treasure Beach Jamaica.

All rooms screened with wide louvered windows and overhead fans (no need for A/C -- we've never had a temp over 92 degrees!). Radio-CD-tape player. Hummers and other birds will come to our feeder and birdbath; you can watch from the patio, or from one of several secluded read-a-book-or-meditate garden corners.

Within walking distance are fishing, snorkeling when the sea is calm, body-surfing when the breeze is up. Day-trips include the panorama at Lover's Leap, a walk up Y.S. Falls, and a boat trip through the Black River marine morass, one of the world's largest. You can walk the beach for miles.

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My family has just booked our 3rd consecutive February trip to Villa Hikaru. We have traveled extensively together and--until now-- never gone back to the same place twice. Now it looks like we're a bit stuck (very happily so!) on Hikaru. The villa is in a beautiful location and the staff are wonderful--warm, friendly and very helpful. The villa itself is very comfortable and we've found that it perfectly meets our needs. The food is absolutely delicious. The villa is remote and there isn't technically much to "do" there (except swim, eat, stroll on the beach, read, play games, etc...) but that is part of what makes it perfect. Our two children (ages 4 and 6) can't wait to go back next February and neither can we.
Posted by: Andrea & Thiago
?A lovely vacation in a wonderful community. Jeremy and Junior (Treasure Beach's next stars) played for us and hung out with us. We loved Mr. Floyd and the Pelican Reef Bar. Body surfing was our daily shower. Be back soon. Yah mon!?
Posted by: Lynne and John
?A visit to Hikaru is like a trip back in time. I have always been a little envious of those who discovered this beautiful country years ago. A bit of that charm obviously still exists. We have returned to Jamaica for the last ten years and to Treasure Beach for three years now.? ?I just wanted to drop a line to say how much we enjoyed staying at Hikaru. The staff couldn't have been nicer and they made our stay something very special indeed. I fell in love with Treasure Beach a few years ago and every time I go back I love it even more. We were very lucky, the weather was fantastic. We got a chance to share that wonderful place with some of our friends and relatives this time and everyone is trying to figure out how to get back as soon as possible.?
Posted by: Judi Waymark
This place, Hikaru, is an absolute gem. Between the breathtaking views, the well-tended gardens and the warmth and care of Ms. Vanessa, my stay at Hikaru was nothing short of magical. Treasure Beach also is a great area to spend time in: tourism has not affected it the same way it has most everywhere else on the island, and visitors can get a real taste for authentic Jamaican life. Highly Recommended.
Posted by: Cooper Davis

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