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Callaway Gardens was conceived and created by Cason J. Callaway and his wife, Virginia Hand Callaway, for the benefit of mankind. In 1950, Cason and Virginia deeded the land that is now Callaway Gardens to the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, a foundation previously established by Fuller Callaway Sr. for charities. Today, Callaway Gardens - a public, educational, horticultural and charitable organization - is owned and operated by the non-profit Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Callaway Gardens Resort, Inc. - a regular business corporation - operates the recreational, lodging and retail facilities at Callaway Gardens. After-tax proceeds from the Resort go to the Foundation to support expansion and improvement of the Gardens as well as Callaway Gardens' educational programs. The Foundation also receives income from Callaway Gardens gate admission as well as corporate and individual donations.

Our Mission
Connecting man and nature in a way that benefits both..

Our Vision
Callaway Gardens is: Inspired by those before us, we will leave for those who follow, a legacy which benefits mankind. We aspire to this vision through a number of events and programs that reach far beyond the boundaries of the Gardens into the local community and throughout the country..

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