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Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals

Spanish Wells Vacation Rental
Type Apartment
Sleeps 6
Bedrooms 2
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Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
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Description & Details of Abners Beachfront Vacation rentals
2 Bedrooms
1 Full Bathroom
Sleeps up to 6
Full Kitchen
Washer / Dryer
Air Conditioning
Cable Television
Beach Access

Spanish Wells is one of the districts of the Bahamas. It is a settlement on the small island of St. Georges Cay (about half a mile wide by two miles long) located approximately one mile off the northern tip of Eleuthera island. It has a population of approximately 1,700 residents. It is so small that many residents get around the island using golf carts instead of full-sized cars. Historically, the island was used as a last stop for Spanish ships returning to Europe, where these ships refilled their water supply from wells created for this purpose - thus the English name of the settlement: Spanish Wells.
The first colonists were the Eleutheran adventurers from Bermuda (intending to be some of the first settlers of Eleuthera), who suffered shipwreck on a reef, known as the Devil's Backbone off Eleuthera in 1647. After living in a cave known as Preacher's Cave on Eleuthera, they ended up at Spanish Wells. Among other, later, groups of settlers were Crown loyalists, who left the United States after the American Revolutionary War.

When you arrive to Spanish Wells you will find a beautiful fishing village with uniquely pastel painted homes and fine architecture. You would need to rent a golf cart for the day to tour the island. Golf cart rentals can be found near the ferry dock. While driving around Spanish Wells, you will no doubt pass the beautiful cemetery where there is an abundance of floral bouquets. Spanish Wells also has a Museum on Main St.


There are restaurants with delicious local Bahamian, American & Italian cuisine.

Souvenir Shopping

Island souvenir stores are located in Spanish Wells, Harbour Island, Gregory Town and Governor's Harbor. Dress is casual. This is a laid-back island with a purpose of relaxation in mind. Spanish Wells is a great island for those who love palm trees and beaches. You'll find that most locals of Spanish Wells are very friendly and helpful tourist guides.

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