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Agriturismo San Matteo

Agrigento Vacation Rental
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Agriturismo San Matteo
Agriturismo San Matteo
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Description & Details of Agriturismo San Matteo
The strategical position along the Eastern Sicilian coast, between Taormina, Acireale, Acitrezza, Catania and other even more fascinating though less known sites, allows our visitors to make wonderful daily-trekking all around the Farm.
You can walk along the Mount Etna woods, up to the craters, reach the southern towns of sicilian baroque (Siracusa, Noto) or swim at Capo Passero cliffs and in the Vindicari Lagoon. In the north, the Bay of Milazzo has wonderful beaches and is the port of call to pay a visit to the magic Eolian Islands.
Coming around, for business or on holiday, you'll be welcomed and have a rest into our organic farm holidays, where you can taste the fruit and the products of the farm. From the swimming pool, if you are lucky, you'll be able to see the natural fire-work from the volcano and feel its awesome breath.
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