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Family Run Guest House

Dunoon Vacation Rental
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Family Run Guest House
Family Run Guest House
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Description & Details of Family Run Guest House
Vaila is a cottage built in 1865 and is on the main road in Dunoon. It has accommodation all on the ground floor with two steps into the property. We have off street parking and withion a few minutes walk from all ammenities. Accommodation is one Double ensuite, one Double standard and one Twin standard both share a shower room and are in there own wing of the house( ideal for a family). Tea and coffee, hair dryer and radio alarm are in each room. Though no Television in rooms there is a Guest sitting room with TV, DVD and HI-FI. Being a small establishment we do not take cards only cash or cheques. Bikers are very welcome. Vaila is run by Myra and John and is family owned.
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Contact Name: Myra Green
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Contact Name: Myra Green
Property Name Family Run Guest House ID: 258817

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