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The Dering Harbor Inn

Shelter Island Hotel
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The Dering Harbor Inn
The Dering Harbor Inn
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Description & Details of The Dering Harbor Inn
Located on Shelter Island, overlooking the picturesque harbor from which it takes its name The Dering Harbor Inn is the ideal place to come and settle in. Private and discreet, its array of waterfront villas and suites, scenically situated pristine pool, tennis, dock and over seven acres of walkabout space give our guests room to relax, reflect and rejuvenate.

The accommodations are deluxe and individually unique, and the ambiance tranquil and unhurried a pace that has been the hallmark of Shelter Island to this day and is why it is so rightfully referred to as the Un-Hamptons. In a superb location, within a five minute walking distance to the main village where you'll find restaurants, bars, markets and shops. Only two hours from New York, accessible by a short ferry ride, the Dering Harbor Inn patiently awaits you.
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