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Fudges Motel in Newfoundland

Triton Hotel
Sleeps 2
Bedrooms Studio
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Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
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Description & Details of Fudges Motel in Newfoundland
If it's that home away from home feeling that you're looking for, then take off your shoes and enjoy your stay at the newly built Motel in Triton. We offer first rate hospitality and service with our 4 large Rooms, 3 Efficiency Units, Laundromat services, and room services.

Modern 3 and 1/2 Star, comfortable and only 11 years old

Amenities: Dinning Room/Restaurant, Delicious Seafood, Efficiency Units, Color TV-VCR, Room Service, Laundromat, Wheelchair Accessible, Meeting Room, and Whale/Iceberg Watching.

Visit Fudge's Motel in Triton and experience mouth watering sea food fresh from the North Atlantic. Enjoy a boat tour and breath taking scenery. Meander the many inlets and coves to discover caves, icebergs, and Humpback Whales. Stay overnight and enjoy true Newfoundland hospitality at Fudge's newly built Motel.

- in the business for 30 years.
- a respected resident of Triton and restaurant owner for 30+ years
- family owned and operated
- home cooked meals
- friendly and personable staff
- contributing member of the community and its events
- 45 kilometers off the Trans Canada Highway on Route 380.

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