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Nestled in a grove of cedars on the western edge of Lily Point Park is a little cottage that can be your santuary of peace and serenity.

Lily Point Park is the newest addition to the recreational destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Almost one hundred acres, it is considered to be a world class outdoor experience. Lily Point Park has a well developed series of trails and almost one mile of private Pacific Ocean beach. Lily Point Park Lodge is the only accommodation available at the park.

Lily Point is also remarkable for what it doesn't have. No traffic and no noise. Come and join the eagles and other wildlife and recharge at Lily Point Park Lodge.

Less than an hour from downtown Vancouver and part of Point Roberts, Lily Point Park is closer to city center than most of the suburbs.
Point Roberts Vacation Rentals Home - Lily Point Park Lodge
Nestled in a grove of cedars on the...
736 Claire Lane Point Roberts, WA 98281

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