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Jessica, I will be glad to send you an email describing the layout of my B&B here in Eureka Springs. Sunnyside Inn, circa 1883, is a beautiful Victorian painted lady in a great location. We overlook a relaxing wooded area, and have reguar visits from a family of 9 deer nearly daily. Your stay is guaranteed to rejuvenate you!

The ideal area for you and your husband is the Haynie Suite - a 4-room Jacuzzi Suite with a private entrance. The den has a comfortable sofa, fireplace, fainting couch, rocker and is furnished with TV, DVD, VHS, a coffeemaker and apartment refrigerator. To the right, you step down to the regular bathroom on the left, with a clawfoot tub and shower. Across the hall is the beautiful bedroom with a custom made cherrywood bed that was crafted and hand polished by local craftsmen. Off the left of the den is the Jacuzzi room, a bay window area with -- are you ready for it???? -- a red, heart-shaped Jacuzzi for two. This in the middle of a National Register historic house and beautiful antiques throughout. My first thought was to replace the tub. That was vetoed by my adult son and daughter. So I suggested painting it white -- that was vetoed also. But they were right. The is the area everyone wants!

I will be more than happy to give you more details about the place I love so much. I hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely, Draxie Rogers, owner/manager.

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