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Flagstaff Vacation Rental

Flagstaff Vacation Rental
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Flagstaff Vacation Rental
Flagstaff Vacation Rental
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Description & Details of Flagstaff Vacation Rental
The price is $150/night. There is also a one time $45 cleaning fee that is charged no matter the number of nights you stay in order to insure the cabin is professionally cleaned.

The cabin is a true log cabin with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. There is a king
size bed, day bed with a popup bed, and a queen size foldout couch bed. The
cabin amenities include: a complete kitchen, washer & dryer, bed & bath
linens, Flat Panel Satellite TV/DVD/VCR, high speed internet, hardwood
floors, board games/puzzles/books, outdoor BBQ, gas fireplace, porch swing,
etc. It is also approximately 100 yards away from the national forest land
with lots of trails for hiking, biking, etc. The kitchen and living room
look out to a 10 acre parcel with 1 house in the middle of it and about 8
horses that roam the acreage. You can get all of the specific details on the
cabin at GoFlagstaff

Charges for 3 nights would be as follows:
3 nights * $150/night $450
$45 cleaning fee + $ 45
Total = $495

We don't have keys for the cabin, instead we have a deadbolt with a punch code. You can either give us
a 5 digit code or we can randomly pick one. Each guest gets their own 5
digit code. This insures the security of the guests and the cabin. Please
note the cabin is a no smoking/no pet property.

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can help with in
planning your trip to Northern Arizona, please don't hesitate to call or

Michael Blair
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Contact Name: Michael Blair
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Contact Name: Michael Blair
Property Name Flagstaff Vacation Rental ID: 314494

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