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B'Guest House.

Winona Vacation Rental
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B'Guest House.
B'Guest House.
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Description & Details of B'Guest House.
Dear Winona,
Thank you for your inquiry about accommodation at B'Guest House.

We can accommodate you for the dates required.
Our rates are R675 for a Single person Bed & Breakfast included, and at R850 per night for a Double room, Bed & Breakfast included.
The total for 3 Double rooms for 2 nights will be R 5100. We give a 10% discount for group bookings, thus the total will be R4590.
The above tariff includes safe parking, Free WiFi, and VAT.

Please see Guest information and terms and conditions attached for details of the deposit payment, if you would like to go ahead with the reservation.

Please advise if we can make a reservation for you, or if you require more information.

Kind regards,
Hannelie Strydom
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Contact Name: B'Guest House.
Property Name B'Guest House. ID: 319850

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