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Sharks Cove Rentals.

Haleiwa Vacation Rental
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Sharks Cove Rentals.
Sharks Cove Rentals.
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Description & Details of Sharks Cove Rentals.
We have private VACATION rooms at various prices according to the amenities, size of room, and single, double or queen bed. “The Sunset Suite” is a 3 bedroom unit on the ground floor, two rooms start are $75/per night plus tax for single bunk bed for two guests, the double bunkbed room is $80 per night plus tax. “The Ocean-view Deck and Suite” is a 2 bedroom unit with large mtn/ocean views on the 2nd floor above the Sunset Suite. This unit includes air conditioning and t. v. in the rooms. The rooms each have
A double bunkbed for $114/per night per room plus tax and shared kitchen, living, and bath. The “Mauka Home” is nestled in the back of the property and has a sideyard, 3 bedrooms, larger kitchen, bath, living and dining areas. Each room also has a Double Bunkbed for two, a.c. and t.v. in rooms for $114/night plus tax. We have an ocean-view Home called “The Pacific Breeze” home with queen rooms on the first floor for $120/per night plus tax and another queen bed room with private bath for $135/per night plus tax. On the second floor of the Pacific Breeze home are deluxe queen rooms (much larger 3 x) with private baths. The Ocean-view Queen suite w/ covered, furnished lanai is $200/night plus tax and $185/per night plus tax for the Mountain--View Suite (no lanai). For rental of a whole home/unit, just take room price x number of rooms. The Mauka Home is a 3 bedroom, The Sunset Suite is 3 bedrooms, The Ocean-view Deck & Suite is 2 bedroom and Pacific Breeze is 5 bedroom. We have a three night minimum for advanced reservations on private rooms and a one week minimum for advanced reservations on a whole house. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.
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Sharks Cove Rentals

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Contact Name: Sharks Cove Rentals.
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