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Casa Cordelli

San Miguel De Allende Bed and Breakfast
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Casa Cordelli
Casa Cordelli
Casa Cordelli
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Description & Details of Casa Cordelli
CASA SCHUCK boutique hotel offers our guests world class hospitality, sophistication, comfort and elegance in the heart of historic San Miguel de Allende .The colonial charm and friendly atmosphere is complemented by the services, space and amenities that we are famous for over the past 30 years. The hacienda is minutes from the Jardin and the famous Parrochia cathedral, is the perfect resting spot for travelers spending time in town. With ten individually decorated, colonial-style rooms, the feel here is one of a exquisite family home. Relax under a shady tree in the bougainvillea-filled garden before heading into the colorful, cobblestone streets of the town. Visit the Gothic-styled La Parroquia church and then return to the hotel for a soothing massage or a private yoga lesson. Enjoy a captivating moment on the roof deck top where the views vies with the sunsets which highlights the sparkling city lights which reflect the moonlight to set the mood for rooftop romance.
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