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Both for people travelling for work aims and for people travelling for sheer and simple amusement, B & B Macrina offers every kind of comfort and quiet: situated a few steps from the “Porta Reale” and the Public Garden, it is provided with an hanging garden about 600 square metres large at guests' disposal. Here guests have change to be in contact with the green garden and they may have a rest, comfortably lying down, in the sun, or to enjoy the pleasing moments which the dusk shows late in the afternoon.
Moreover it is only 6 kilometres far from the seaside. You may move at discretion from your room to the garden and although the B & B is the historical centre of the town, you can spend your free time in this place in the open air as you were far away from the build-up area. Its lucky location makes B & B Macrina an ideal interface between the enchantment of the Public Gardens, the grandeur of the “Porta Reale” (or Porta Ferdinandea) and the main street “Vittorio Emanuele” where if you walk slowly along it, you can admire the wonderful stones of Noto. You can feel, then, as you were inside another garden, “the Stone Garden ”, as this proud town, Patrimony of the whole Humanity, is defined.

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