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Hotel Poggio Regillo

Frascati Hotel
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Hotel Poggio Regillo
Hotel Poggio Regillo
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Description & Details of Hotel Poggio Regillo
The Hotel Poggio Regillo, opened in 1999, invites you to its brand new Wing, inaugurated in 2008. The structure is a haven set within five acres of gardens in the heart of the Roman Castles. The hotel, just outside the town center, is unique among the ancient and traditional buildings within the area combining rustic style with modern technology. Our goal is to provide the best standards available at an extremely low price; as per flight tickets, the sooner you book a room the lower the price will be!

Our services include a refined restaurant which is also open to the public, a well-stocked bar, a versatile conference room, a large secure parking area (hard to find in the town), free WiFi Internet connection and a whole lot more.

Our rooms are bright and welcoming (subdivided into Gold, Silver & Bronze), our spacious Apartments are the perfect solution for a longer stay or our splendid Shiraz Suite which occupies the entire top floor and offers beautiful views from the terrace over Rome.
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Contact Name: Hotel Poggio Regillo
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