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NH Stuttgart Sindelfingen

Sindelfingen Vacation Rental
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NH Stuttgart Sindelfingen
NH Stuttgart Sindelfingen
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Description & Details of NH Stuttgart Sindelfingen
NH Stuttgart/Sindelfingen is in the center of a city with some of the world’s most famous automobile and textile industries, shopping malls, a medieval city centre as well as a lot of sport and leisure activities in the surrounding. The vicinity to the city of Stuttgart, with the “Airport Stuttgart” and the new fair ground (all reachable within 20 minutes), the “Swabian Alb”, the “Black Forrest” and the “Bodensee” – the location NH Stuttgart/Sindelfingen is an ideal base for business and leisure activities.
Walking distance to Daimler AG connected trough two pedestrian bridges , city center 200 meters. New tram station planned for 2010 in 300 m distance to the hotel. Closeness to Stuttgart Airport and Fairground which turns Sindelfingen into the best alternative to the Stuttgart market for fair visitors in high demand periods. Located at the freeway hub A8/A81 south-west Germany – best accessibility from/to all directions.
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Contact Name: NH Stuttgart Sindelfingen
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