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La Zagara

Catania Vacation Rental
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La Zagara
La Zagara
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Description & Details of La Zagara
The Bed & Breakfast La Zagara duly authorized by 'AAPT was founded in 2007 in an apartment on the second floor of a late 800, recently restored to' teach good taste and of 'elegance. The idea was born from a passion for the hospitality and the courtesy, the aim is to offer our guests the feeling of being comfortable at home, and at the same time a relaxing holiday in peaceful surroundings. We love to make their guests comfortable when you arrive, welcoming them with a welcome drink accompanied by typical Sicilian cakes ... begin a holiday in sweetness
We are in Via Vittorio Emanuele II n 356
In the heart of the historical center of Catania, close to the Greek-Roman amphitheater and the Benedictine Monastery, famous for its Arch 700, excellent position to reach in 5 minutes the beautiful Piazza Duomo and the long walk Via Etna, famous for its many windows and the various streets that are home to the most famous monuments of historical and cultural interest.
The same night that give life to the Movida Catanese.

Airport: 15 minutes
Station: 7 minutes
Port: 7 minutes
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Contact Name: La Zagara
Property Name La Zagara ID: 358255

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