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Hotel Garden Club

Brasov Hotel
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Hotel Garden Club
Hotel Garden Club
Hotel Garden Club
Hotel Garden Club
Hotel Garden Club
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Description & Details of Hotel Garden Club
God Afternon!
I am inform you regarding the request for the guest Anne Marie starting
date:26 dec 2013 til 31 dec 2013 , that the acomodation night/ room is
100E including Breakfast and all the local taxes,free parking lounge,
internet wireless, the city center is 7min driving, Ours hotel is clasifaid at 3* however we are
delight to provid 4* services for the enjoyment of ours guests, for more
details you cant visit ours site . for futher details
MRS. Manuela Mujdei it will contact you!

PS : this is an information note, not confirmation
best regards!!!
Garden Club Team
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Contact Name: Hotel Garden Club
Property Name Hotel Garden Club ID: 360118

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