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Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

Genova Vacation Rental
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Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
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Description & Details of Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
The Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is an “hotel diffuso” (it translates literally as “scattered hotel”) in the historical city centre of Genoa, and it involves more Rolli historical palaces and some high-level local restaurants within an area of 300 square meters.

The reference venue is in Palazzo Cicala in Piazza San Lorenzo, just opposite the San Lorenzo Cathedral. We have also rooms and apartments within Palazzo Giustiniani, Palazzo Serra and Palazzo Lomellino.

It is an offer literally planned to allow travelers to imbed themselves in Genoa city center life, but the plus element is that it offers the high-level services of a hotel, while living and experiencing the splendid historical palazzos of the Dogi.

The “albergo diffuso” is also an authentic way of developing the area without spoiling the environment. Thanks to the true spirit of this offer, to the closeness to all the city services and to the presence of a local community, the “albergo diffuso” offers more than a simple stay, but a true life style.

Within this offer, we would be more than glad to suggest high-level selected restaurants, which are close to us and where you can taste local and international cuisine.
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Contact Name: Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Property Name Locanda di Palazzo Cicala ID: 361811

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