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After a few minutes of crossing, Dream Island's boat comes along side to a magnificent private beach made of white sand, shellfishes and corals where, several meters higher, overhanging the lagoon's peacefull waters, two 'fare' traditionally built open themselves on large shady desks. The third 'fare', distanced from the beach, takes shelter under local species, surrounded by a soft green lawn, among plants and flowers with rare and delicate fragances.
The materials of building are traditional, giving to the property a character typically polynesian, which makes all the charm of this place.
The roofs, made with ' pandanus ' ( local braided plant), guarantees a constant ventilation and natural cooling into the diferent rooms, all conceived to remain in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.
Each 'fare' benefits of technical layouts of quality and the furniture is delicately arranged to keep its natural 'atmosphere' of quiet and exotism to the place. Everything has been calculated for the well-being of Dream Island's 'guests', including the choice of a refined crockery.
This is a unique place, so distant from traditional hostelery, where you will have the possibility to break down with your habits, taste to the bewitching charm of tropical latitudes and finally accomplish your more far-off dreams.

In addition to for the usual activities generally offered by the traditional hostelry in the islands, such as yachting, scuba diving, water skiing, sportfishing or other beach activities, Dream island also offers you to leave for a time the beaten tracks by discovering the manufacture's techniques of the famous 'pareo' worn, with so much grace, by the ' vahine ' of French Polynesia., With its refined and glittering colors, its harmonious and artistic graphics, the' pareo ' is a complete part of the Polynesians ' Lifestyle., Men or women, indifferently wear this well known piece of clothing as soon as they can, because of the tropical climate in the Islands where the temperature average oscillate all year long between 25 and 30 Celsius degrees., And then, to become more immersed with local 'atmosphère', it takes about 5 minutes by boat to join the ' Tiki Village Theater ' in Moorea, high place of Polynesian Culture to live and expérioence, the most important portraits of a period of Polynesian History., This village, unique in the country, offers the visitor to discover a reenactment of polynesian living condition from its origins, the secrets and magic of tattoo and sacred rituals, performed from know by a troup of 60 dancers and actors., At last, why not simply take time to admire the most beautifull sunsets of South Pacific directly from the terrace of your house and relish the famous ' maitai ', local rum based cocktail, with pineapple juice and coconut liquor 'to serve on the rocks'.

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