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Casa Huaira

Barichara Vacation Rental
Type Home
Sleeps 7
Bedrooms 3
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Casa Huaira
Casa Huaira
Casa Huaira
Casa Huaira
Casa Huaira
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Description & Details of Casa Huaira
If you plan to visit the top destination of Adventure Sport's of South America, stay at Casa Huaira or House of the Wind. Faithfully reconstructed maintaining its original style of adobe walls and stones. Located in Barichara, considered the Prettiest town of Colombia and declared National Monument in 1978, it maintains its architecture until now. Time has stopped and lingers among the sun bathed streets and its white thick walls which hide the magic and beauty in each of the houses which have stood upright for centuries in this sunny town. Located at 1300 mts above sea level and 21 degrees celsius, Barichara was founded in 1705 and the name means 'Place to Rest' in the native language of the Guanes and its people are cordially known as 'the yellow foots' due to the color of the soil.

This vacation rental house will provide you with the best service and beauty of a town with over 300 years of history and will share the enchantment of a wonderful place surrounded by quaint restaurants, and placid settings.

So share with us the gift of our ancestors and as we say in Colombia: The only risk is wanting to stay.
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Barichara Vacation Rentals Home - Casa Huaira

If you plan to visit the top desti...
Carrera 8 # 7-76 Barichara,

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Contact Name: Marisa
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Contact Name: Marisa
Property Name Casa Huaira ID: 383782

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