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Hotel Perico Azul

Playa Jaco Hotel
Sleeps 15
Bedrooms 8
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Hotel Perico Azul
Hotel Perico Azul
Hotel Perico Azul
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Description & Details of Hotel Perico Azul
Hotel Perico Azul is a small cozy apt-hotel on the south end of Jaco Beach, with its boutique like looks and private location close to the mountains, El Perico Azul is surrounded by blush nature and many species of birds that will allow you to wake up to the sounds of Costa Rica's best tropical sounds.

This awesome slice of heaven will transport you the life style and decorative architecture of this colorful country, it will allow live the culture, the warmth and the reason for this to be the happiest country in the world.

Just 2 min walk from the beach our hotel is the best choice if what you are looking for is a quiet cozy room with daily cleaning and all amenities available to you.

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Playa Jaco Hotels - Hotel Perico Azul

Hotel Perico Azul is a small cozy ...
Calle Santa Ana Playa Jaco, 4213

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Contact Name: Mounier
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Contact Name: Mounier
Property Name Hotel Perico Azul ID: 383855

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