Blair Mountain Bed and Breaktfeast

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Dillsburg Bed and Breakfast
Sleeps 8
Bedrooms 4
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When you stay at Blair's Bed & Breakfast, a Pennsylvania vacation destination with something for everyone, you can ski Roundtop Mountain Resort in the winter or enjoy a variety of Mountain Adventures there in the summer. Other area attractions include the famous Carlisle car shows, York Fairgrounds, Dillsburg Farmers Fair, the Appalachian Trail in PA, Hershey Park, and so much more.

Amenities Include:

Alarm Clock Radios
Air Conditioning
Board Games
Fresh Baked Goods
Plush Bathrobes
Hair Dryers
24/7 Self-Service Snack/Beverage Counter
Wireless Internet
UV Filtered/Potassium Softened Water

4 bedrooms available

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