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Pristine Garden Cottage

Aptos Vacation Rental
Type Cottage
Sleeps 4
Bedrooms 1
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Pristine Garden Cottage
Pristine Garden Cottage
Pristine Garden Cottage
Pristine Garden Cottage
Pristine Garden Cottage
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Description & Details of Pristine Garden Cottage
Our Retreat Garden Cottage is nestled in a beautiful horticultural garden, bursting with wonderful floral displays for your enjoyment throughout most of the year. We have named our property Bon Repos, meaning “Good Rest”, for that is exactly what people have been doing here for the last twenty-five years: resting, recuperating, rejuvenating.

The lifestyle here is well-suited for folks who value the sublime peace and quiet that is found where the spiritual qualities of the natural world abound. Our cottage is an ideal place to either rest and rejuvenate, or for a writer's retreat, or to focus on a quiet creative project. Here, the prevailing quietude is punctuated only by the fluttering of leaves, the whiffling of the wind, and the chatter of the birds. Here in this tranquil garden, you can actually hear yourself think.
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Contact Name: Mathew
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Contact Name: Mathew
Property Name Pristine Garden Cottage ID: 384479

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