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Plaza Hotel

Thessaloniki Hotel
Sleeps 2
Bedrooms 2
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Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
Plaza Hotel
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Description & Details of Plaza Hotel

Plaza Art Hotel is situated at the most beautiful traditional area of Thessaloniki, Ladadika, at the center of the city, there where the city`s heart beats, the heart of the bridge of Thermaikos, and pleasure keeps pace harmonicaly with the cultural and trade activities. The elegant and classic line of Plaza Art Hotel distinguishes among the other neo-cloassical buildings of this exquisite area, just 20 meters from the port and next to the heart of the trade center, offering easy and fast transport. As Soon as on passes the entrance of Plaza Art Hotel, you will sense the meaning of hospitality and intimacy that traditionaly characterizes our city, in combination with elegance and high aesthetics. We are waiting for you!
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Thessaloniki Hotels - Plaza Hotel

Plaza Art Hotel is situated at the...
Doxis & Paggaiou 5 Thessaloniki, 54625

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Contact Name: Malvina
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Contact Name: Malvina
Property Name Plaza Hotel ID: 386947

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