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Corpus Christi Bed and Breakfast
Sleeps 12
Bedrooms 5
Baths 4.5
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This South Texas Guest Ranch is located 20 minutes West of Corpus Christi, Texas, this is an upscale Guest Ranch/ Inn that caters to outdoor enthusiasts who desire pampering. We specialize in personal attention, gourmet foods, and 'country luxury'. Nestled in the lush Nueces River valley, our facilities offer a great variety of choices. Whether it's a wedding, reunion, retreat, corporate hunt,or a quiet,romantic get-away, we can make it a memorable ocassion.

Hunting, sporting clays, beautiful chapel, playroom, kayaks and canoes, river access, fishing, stables, archeological sites, landing strip

Corpus Christi - aquarium, beach, Lexington. King Ranch, Lake Mathis

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Having worked at this farm for a yr (not easy), But nothing is easy working for Beth. Personally I believe the lady is bypolar and OCD. I can not believe either of the other post on this past to an extent. That has nothing to do with the over charges or anything said about Beth. The place is Beautiful. Really, and well taken care of. By the staff, that I saw a huge change over in. Mostly due to Beth. Ask her though and it was always the staff that was in the wrong. I never heard of or encountered a staff member being short or rude to any guest. (well unless treated badly to begin with.Treat people like you yourself would want to be treated)
Posted by: Anonymous
We thought this sounded like the perfect venue to hold our wedding and reception. The onsite accommodations...the chapel....the grounds...the "all-inclusive" wedding packages that promised "no hidden or unexpected" additional fees. Their website speaks of class, elegance and personal attention to create a stress free experience. Not even close. We felt like unwelcome intruders any time we COULD locate the owner or "staff'". Its true there were no hidden fees for the wedding itself.(overpriced for what you receive) The surprises came later when our credit card on file was billed for bogus " damages" to the property supposedly made by our guests (stress SUPPOSEDLY) EVEN THOUGH THE FINAL " WALK THROUGH" FORM THAT WAS COMPLETED UPON OUR DEPARTURE HAD NO ISSUES and was reviewed, approved and signed by the owner. We were surprised with an additional credit card charge for "repairs" of almost $500.00 a week or so later and then another bill for an "estimated charge" of $1500.00. I might also add that the accommodations and facilities were not in good shape upon our arrival but we didn't want to start out our wedding weekend squabbling so we tried to make the best of it. I wish someone would have warned us.
Posted by: Anonymous
I had my wedding here. We were under the impression that this venue would handle the majority of the hassles but as we discovered, that wasn’t the case, as we had to oversee & handle the majority of the wedding process ourselves, other than the few simple things they do do. Though the venue is beautiful, & our wedding was awesome (thanks to our family, friends & DJ), the months we spent planning the wedding was more hassle than what it was worth. There were many things that we were charged for that didn’t include what they appeared to, such as set up & take down (we had to set up & take down our own decor); ice, yet it was demanded that our beverages come iced down; and a “wine hosting table”, which is just a wine table (no hosting about it as we had to uncork & pour our own wine). A few weeks before the wedding, we discovered that we were being charged a higher facility fee and tax than what was originally quoted to us on the venue’s policy form sent when we first inquired. Because we didn’t catch this in a timely manner, we were subjected to either paying or not having a wedding. Throughout the entire process, including the rehearsal & wedding day, the owner was incredibly unprofessional, rude, very disorganized, forgetful & most importantly absent. Often times, it was nearly impossible to receive responses from her concerning decisions/questions we had. When we did, they were misinforming and disorganized. The owner would often forget things we had discussed or that she had told us. She was also physically absent the day before & of our wedding. The only time we saw her was when we had to knock on her door & at the very end of the wedding, when she demanded we all leave, claiming there was a tornado warning (why she would force us out to drive on dark back roads during a dangerous storm, regardless of whether or not our time was up, makes no logical sense). She left no time for us to even gather our décor & barely any time for myself & bridesmaids to get our belongings, my dress included. She even yelled at the DJ for playing “too” long, despite him playing within his contracted time, that she was notified about. After months of hassle, it was quite disappointing that so much of it could’ve been avoided as the venue owner completely lacks supervision of the site the day of the wedding. Not to mention her staff that is just as rude. This owner does everything she can to keep you from posting a bad review too.
Posted by: Amanda
The "staff" os rude, the owner is never around and by gosh if she is she's going to be rude too. If you stay 5 minutes over the check out time they will charge you and the peacocks that walk around put numerous dents in all of our cars by pecking at them. I highly doubt any of the accomodations would pass inspections either, pretty close to falling apart.
Posted by: Mac

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