Familia Sarmiento

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Santa Clara Bed and Breakfast
Sleeps 14
Bedrooms 6
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Familia Sarmiento Hostel is a guest house, that offer six comfort bedrooms with private bathroom each one. There are four bedrooms for two, three or four persons each one, and the other two bedrooms for just two persons each one. The Hostel is just one block of the Parque Vidal that is the center of the town, and at half block to the Boulevard.
Guest can dispose of services like: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Loundry, Internet acces, International Telephone, Parking, Solarium, Taxi, Tourist Guide and more.
Santa Clara Bed and Breakfasts - Familia Sarmiento
Familia Sarmiento Hostel is a guest...
Lorda # 61-1 e/ Marti y Boulevard Santa Clara, 50100

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