3 Tips to book your Vacation Rental more through Rentalo.com

Perhaps one of the questions that we get asked the most by property owners all the time is: “How do I get more bookings?”.

I thought I would share a few tips that property owners have found to work to keep their  property booked.  Many of them only use Rentalo.com as their only listing site.

Tip #1 First Impressions 

You know the old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Well it could not be any more true in the internet world.  Statistics show that an average internet user will spend around 6 seconds deciding if a page is relevant to their search.  With such a small window of opportunity, it is crucial to make a good first impression.

Make sure your main picture (your first one in your images page) is an eye catcher.  Look at the pictures that other property owners are using and compare it to yours.  Show others the page and don’t tell them which one is yours and ask them which pictures calls their attention the most and why.  A good title is second in line to your main picture.  Use words that travelers want to hear and stand out from the competition.  Also make sure the text you write in the top of your description entices travelers to click more.

Many property Owners choose to become Sponsor Listings because it guarantees first page placement. Contact Us to find out more about the Sponsor Program

Tip # 2 Early Bird gets the worm 

Normally a traveler will choose a few properties and inquire on them.  Most property owners respond “right away” to their inquiries ” so they think’?¦  What many of us don’t realize is that email is not always instantaneous.  There may be delays from the moment a person submits an inquiry to the moment they actually get your response, even you answer “right away”.  Most of the factors involved in the process are completely outside of your control and of rentalo’s control.  What if you could answer the traveler immediately after they hit the SEND button of their inquiry’?¦ Well, you can!  That is what Rentalo’s Auto Offer feature does.  If the traveler’s inquiry has an exact or very close match with your properties criteria (rooms, availability, price, etc), then why not offer it immediately to the traveler?  Travelers call Rentalo all the time and most of the time we help them find properties in just minutes using this tool.  To find out more about the Auto Offer feature visit our Tutorials page and click on the Auto Offer Tutorial.

Tip # 3 Go and get them! Why wait for travelers to find you when you can go and find them?  Travelers love to get specials and discounts and love to explore new locations.  Rentalo’s Special Offer tool allows you to enter a Special Offer for your property and automatically enters you into the Best Value Accommodations Newsletter.  This newsletter is sent to travelers interested in your area and has a reach in the thousands.  That means that you have the potential to show your property to thousands of travelers in a month.  To find out more about the Special Offer feature visit our Tutorials page and click on the Special Offer Tutorial.Rentalo.com by
Frank Suarez

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