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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Dont you just wish you could add a video of your vacation rental property in your property ad page? Well NOW YOU CAN! And best of all its free!

If you have a video of your vacation rental property (and we strongly recommend that every property owner have one), then you can showcase your video in your property ad so that travelers can see it right then and there.zorb ball

Today’s internet users are growing more and more accustomed to online videos. As a matter of fact, it is changing the way that many traditional markets do business. Think about it, most news media websites now offer free streaming videos of their websites. Some folks don’t even watch the news on tv anymore!

Having a property video can give you a great competitive advantage. If a traveler is deciding between a couple of vacation rentals and yours is the only one that has a video, there is a good chance that they would be more interested in your property.

To add your online video, simply record a short video of your property in a digital camera. Once you have the video in your computer you can upload it to an online site like or and then use the code they provide to insert your video in the Rentalo page.

Once you have the code, log in as a property owner, click on properties, select your property and click on Video. You will see the space to add your property video there.

If you need any help, our friendly staff is ready to assist you, simply contact us by clicking help.

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