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Taking Advantage of Where U R!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Welcome to snowy, cold February! We want to send a warm hello to all our family of Rentalo owners and property managers from Breckenridge and Copper Mt. out West, to Mt. Snow in beautiful Vermont, Beech Mt. in wonderful N.C., and everywhere else.

We are in the process of sending out our February Travelers Newsletter, and it is packed with great information for our travelers on what places to visit and where to stay during their next getaway or vacation.  One thing we’ve learned over the years is that travelers tastes on accommodations vary as much as the weather in February.  Some love the cold and the snow, others prefer warm places, therefore we have included a great assortment of destinations and places to visit during this time of the year in our Traveler Newsletters.

Some travelers want to escape the cold weather and just go to the sun and fun of the beach.  They would like to go close to those warm latitudes in the Caribbean. With them in mind, we tried to include some great warm weather location links, such as Western Puerto Rico, in our February Newsletter.

As a property owner, the goal is to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHERE YOUR PROPERTY IS LOCATED. Understanding that travelers’ tastes vary, it is important for owners to always find a way to promote their great locations, no matter what time of year it is.

Rentalo wants to highlight and promote different locations every month in our Newsletters to give our family of property owners that extra advertizing push for their properties free of charge.   We have received many calls from property owners expressing their gratitude for advertising their property in our Travelers Newsletter publications.  They share with us that they have received more inquires for their area and specific property as a result of this extra and free advertising.

We look forward to a wonderful and successful year.  Take advantage and promote your location.   During the winter, if it snows in your area, put up winter pictures on your listing.   During the summer, add some summer shots and tailor your description to include season specific activities.  Just like you have different pricing for summer and winter, consider having something special to offer your clients anytime of the year,and we will make sure our travelers know that! Remember that the Rentalo staff is always available to help you be successful.  Let’s do it together!.