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Rentalo Makes it Easier for Owners to Manage Rates

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

On April 5, 2011, Rentalo released a new and improved interface for owners to enter their property rates.  In this new interface owners are given 2 options:

Option 1 (Default - also referred as our new rates table) - This is a new convenient option to allow owners to enter nightly, weekly and/or monthly rates that do not expire.  Now owners can simply enter their rates without having to worry about dates, and update their rates only when their rates change.  The rates entered in this table can also be used in addition to the seasonal rates entered.  Rentalo will give preference to the seasonal rates but will use these rates for future dates when requested by the travelers.

Option 1 - New Rates - No Dates Required

Option 2 - Seasonal Rates -- In this form (as shown below), owners can continue to specify rates that are  subjected to specific date range(s).  The rates entered in this table (also referred as our existing rates table), take priority over the rates entered under option 1 above.  In other words, the rates specified in this table will be quoted to travelers for the specified dates.  Only when travelers request dates that are not available in this seasonal rates table, the rates on option 1 above will be used.

Option 2 - Seasonal Rates

To make it easier for many of our clients, during the release on April 5th, whenever possible we copied the rates from the existing rate tables into the new rates tables, therefore making the existing rates available to travelers beyond the specified dates.  We were able to do this for listings that had only one set of rates entered. If your listing has multiple seasonal rates specified, we highly recommend you take advantage of this new feature and enter rates that will never expire!

Please take a minute to sign-in and review your rates to make sure they are update.