Are you Covered?

Below you find some frequently asked questions and answers when purchasing Accidental Rental Damage Insurance (ARDI).

What is the Accidental Rental Damage Insurance Plan (ARDI)?
  • ARDI is an insurance plan that provides coverage for accidental damages to your vacation rental property during a stay as a replacement for a security deposit.
    Why should vacation property owners purchase ARDI?
  • - With ARDI, owners no longer have to worry about collecting security deposits from guests.
  • - With ARDI, guests do not have to lower their credit card spending balances with a hefty security deposit amount  while they are on vacation.
  • - When claims occur, the payments for repairs of the covered accidental damage will be handled directly between the rental property owner and the insurance company.
    What is covered by the ARDI plan?
  • - ARDI covers unintentional damage to your vacation rental property during your stay, up to $3,000. Owners commonly use ARDI to cover things like carpet spills, furniture tears, broken lamps, and other damages.
  • - When staying in a pet-friendly vacation home, ARDI can provide coverage for damages caused by pets!
    What is not covered by the ARDI  plan?
  • - Any intentional property damage.
  • - Any pet damage in a non-pet friendly vacation property.
    How do I include the ARDI plan?
  • Simply purchase ARDI for $45 to cover up to $1,500 in damages or $69 to cover up to $3,000.  You can purchase it online at the time the reservation is made up until 24-hours prior to check-in.
  • Please see the Description of ARDI's Coverage for full terms and conditions.
    To learn more about Accidental Rental Damage Insurance Plan, click here.

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