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Important Changes to Owner’s Sign-in & Contact Information

Monday, November 28th, 2011

RENTalo has made some important upgrades and changes to our owner’s sign-in and contact information page.

Backup Email - We have added a backup email address.  This new feature will allow owners to receive duplicate RENTalo’s emails to ensure delivery of traveler’s inquiries and avoid intermittent spam-related issues with some Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Additional land-line telephone numbers, mobile, and fax fields – According to directory stats, a significant percent of the online reservations are completed via phone.  We added a secondary telephone field, one field for a mobile number, and a fax number.  As part of the mobile number, we added a check box to enable you to receive text messages from travelers.  You will also find a new box to add your fax number.

Upload Photo & Tell Us About You Text Box – Now you can upload a personal photo or business logo.  We've also added the "Tell us about you" text box.  Here you can add some additional information about yourself and/or your business.  The more information our owners can provide about themselves and their businesses, the better travelers will feel about  booking their properties.

Payment Methods (only required for owners activating our ezBookMe feature) – There are some options available for owners to receive their reservation payments from RENTalo; Paypal, Bank checks, and ACH direct deposits.

Please take a few minutes to review and update your profile.  This is a very critical milestone in ensuring that potential guests have easy access to you, as well as some relevant information about you and/or your business.