Email Marketing Boost for Sponsor Listings

RENTalo has teamed up with Campaigner, a leading email service provider, in order to optimize its email marketing practices and ensure the best possible open and click rates on its opted-in database of travelers, currently at 1.3 million email addresses.Oppblåsbare Arches

In March 9th of 2012, we launched our latest newsletter publication series called Special Offers -- See example.

As part of one of the exclusive Sponsor benefits referred as 'Marketing Boost', our new Special Offers newsletter series will feature special offers from our Sponsor listings exclusively.  We plan to send Special Offers newsletters to various segments of our opted-in database in order to ensure the best possible open and click rates. The smallest segment that any of our Special Offers newsletter publications will reach a minimum of 100,000 highly targeted, opted-in emails.

One significant difference is the size of the distribution and the exposure.  The smallest segment for our new Special Offers newsletters will reach at least 5 times more travelers than the old newsletters (referred as "Best Value Accommodations").  For example, Sponsor listings in Orlando reached approximately 18,000 opted-in travelers via the old newsletters.  The new Special Offers newsletters reach at least 100,000 travelers, which represents 500% more value!

Based on a recent market analysis conducted internally, we estimated a fair market value of an ad in RENTalo's new Special Offers newsletter at $750 for reaching 100,000 highly targeted, opted-in emails.

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