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Introducing EZ Calling: Getting Vacation Rental Seekers From the Web To Your Phone

Friday, November 13th, 2009

EZ Calling: Gets Vacation Rental Seekers From the Web to Your PhoneRentalo is pleased to introduce EZ Calling, our new cutting edge phone technology service that will get vacation rental seekers from the web to your phone in just one click! You will not only get more calls from vacationers interested on your vacation rental; you will also be able to track these calls and receive automated messages that will guarantee a better service and boost your conversions. Sign Up Here.

Closing the Gap between Property Owners and Travelers

The idea behind EZ Calling is to increase online conversions by closing the communication gap between property owners and travelers. This is possible thanks to EZ Calling’s three powerful tools, Click-to-Call, Inquiry-to-Phone and the Toll Free and Tracking feature.

Click-to-Call: With this tool travelers interested in your vacation rental will have the opportunity to directly connect with you through the click of a button embedded on your property listing. You will:

• Receive INSTANT calls from travelers browsing your listing.
• Get more calls from interested travelers. (Calls from travelers convert 47% more than e-mail inquiries).
• Track your click to call activity. Sign Up Here.

Inquiry-to-Phone: The Inquiry-to-Phone is an optional tool that allows you to receive automated phone messages each time your vacation rental gets an inquiry. Inquiry-to-Phone will allow you to:

• Receive INSTANT automated phone messages each time your property gets an inquiry.
• Reply immediately with an offer to the interested traveler.
• Track your inquiry to phone activity. Sign Up Here.

Toll Free and Call Tracking: This tool makes it easier for travelers to contact you by providing a toll free number. It will allow you to:

• Keep your number private. EZ Calling: Cutting Edge Phone Technology
• Get detailed call activity reports. (Call tracking captures data on missed calls. If a prospective renter calls after hours or hangs up before the call is completed, why let this lead get away? Receive an e-mail with the caller’s phone number and generate additional bookings by returning these calls).

According to a study by TMP Directional Marketing and comScore, the two most common activities following an online local search are a visit or a phone call to a local store; and calls from travelers result in more bookings than e-mail inquiries. By incorporating this easy, cost-effective means to connect with vacation rental seekers you will be able to answer their questions immediately, beat your competition and guide them through a successful booking experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to dramatically increase your online bookings! Sign up now at: