Take Advantage of Special Offers!

Finding a vacation rental special offer is always a pleaser. Smart travelers know that regardless of the time of the year you will always find a discounted vacation home; it is only a matter of searching for it. At Rentalo we also know this, and we have decided to make it easier for you to find great deals in our new version. New special offers are now displayed at the homepage in the “New Special Offers” box located at the top right hand side of the page.

In this box you will easily see the most recent discounts in percentages, the destination of the special offer, the type of accommodation and the starting and ending date of the offer. Once you click on your favorite choice, you will be taken to the property page where you will see details of the offer including the price and minimum stay as well as a full description of the vacation rental and contact information.

If the new special offers displayed at the home page are not exactly what you are looking for, make sure to click on the “view more” link. You will be able to see a complete list of current vacation rental special offers grouped by destination. You can also sign up to our bimonthly newsletter at: http://rentalo.com/web/traveler/emailli.cgi and receive these special offers directly in your inbox.

If you do not have time or destination restrictions take your time and go through our special offers you will surely find a great deal in a great destination!

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