Traveling During the Economic Crisis

Traveling during these times of economic hardship may seem like a crazy idea to many; but smart travelers know that it may be an opportunity for fun traveling. After all, regardless of the situation a vacation is always important to charge our batteries and believe it or not budget traveling may result quite an adventure!

Transportation: The Expensive Part of Traveling

We all know that one of the most expensive parts of traveling is almost always transportation. Airport taxes and fuel and security taxes only add to the cost, making air traveling very pricey. However, there are different websites on the internet that can help you find that rate you are looking for. and are two excellent alternatives. These two websites are very easy to use and help you find quickly an affordable alternative. You may have to travel at night or during the week but prices are worth it.

Lodging: Hotels vs Vacation Rentals

I am doing this blog for Rentalo so of course my option when it comes to lodging is vacation rentals. And yes I am a little biased, I truly consider vacation rentals a good alternative for families, but is up to you to prove it. Besides lower night rates, vacation rentals also offer the comfort of having a fully equipped kitchen where to cook. Instead of spending lots of money eating out you can cook at the comfort of your own vacation rental, saving money in food as well.

Dinning: Locals Know Better

If you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, there are also other ways to save in dinning. A rule of thumb is going with the locals. Street stalls with a lot of people are almost always good and cheap. When it comes to restaurants try to stay away from main streets and give a chance to smaller side street restaurants Another alternative is to have big lunches and small dinners. Many restaurants have specials during lunch time, so in order to save you can enjoy a nice restaurant lunch at a lower price and later have a grocery store type of dinner instead.

Destinations: Don’t go to Paris, Go to Buenos Aires

Another good way of saving when traveling is to visit less touristic places. There are a lot of destinations that offer incredible entertainment opportunities and are not as expensive and crowded as the more popular ones. Try searching for a destination that offers a good exchange rate; Latin American destinations are a good example. Most of the times these destinations result more interesting than what one thinks. If you want to travel in North America then apply a similar concept, don’t stay in San Diego, stay in Oceanside instead.

The most important thing when trying to lower travel costs is to spend a good amount of time researching before leaving. Good planning will always make a difference in your overall travel experience and hopefully in your pocket!

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