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Stunning Kailua Kona

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

4Known by many as simply Kona, this beautiful Hawaiian town is a dream destination for hundreds of travelers every year. It is set at the bottom of the Hualalai Volcano and it offers visitors excellent weather conditions, numerous outdoor and water activities and a great variety of Kailua Kona vacation rentals. In ancient times, the town was the kings’ favorite place to settle and many missionaries built churches and residences, making this tiny fishing village into a seaport. Getting to Kailua Kona is not that difficult as the city counts with its own airport, the Kona International Airport at Keahole and many major U.S airlines, Japanese and Canadian airlines have direct flights.

Things to do in Kailua Kona
Being part of the Big Island, Kona offers great entertainment alternatives. Some of the most popular include:

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: This is one of the country’s most spectacular parks. It was established in 1916 and it displays the volcanism and evolution of hundreds of years. It has been recognized as both and International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site due to its outstanding natural values. When visiting the park you can drive around the crater and feel the hot steam rising from fissures all around.

Rainbow Falls: Other popular Big Island attraction, the Rainbow Falls are located in Hilo and provide visitors with the perfect  5opportunity to witness an 80 foot waterfall rushing into a pool almost one hundred feet in width.  Try to visit the falls during the morning hours when the sun rises over the area’s mango trees, you will be able to take some post-card like photos if you’d like.
Hapuna Beach State Park: If you are looking for a great beach the Hapuna Beach State Park is the place to go. You will find lots of soft sand and a great view of Maui. Swimming conditions here are excellent most of the time and snorkeling is great at the south-end of the beach. There is a coral reef and fish are very varied.

Punalu’u Beach:
This is a black sand beach where turtles come to nest. Visitors of this beach will be treated with beautiful scenery and excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions as well. It is located south of Hilo and it is a quiet spot perfect for those looking for total relaxation. It is recommended not to touch or distress the turtles.

Vist for vacation rentals in Kailua Kona

Puerto Vallarta: Beach and Fun!

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Puerto Vallarta vacation rentalsA favorite vacation resort of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, a vacation in Puerto Vallarta will always leave you wanting for more. Whether you are looking to rest and just have a good time or taking advantage of al thel activities of the area, Puerto Vallarta is a wise choice when it comes to culture, beach and fun. Located in the beautiful Bahia Banderas, this exciting city not only has numerous Puerto Vallarta lodging alternatives from Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals to luxurious Puerto Vallarta hotels; it also offers a wide range of activities including hiking, mountain biking, jeep safaris and scuba among many others.

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta
The place is full of opportunities especially for active souls. It is one of Mexico’s top dive destinations, attracting thousands of scuba diving lovers every year. Those who are not as daring can go for a snorkeling adventure at the popular areas of Los Arcos underwater caves and the Marieta Islands caverns. If you aren’t a fan of water activities a canopy tour may be the ideal option. The city is well known for its canopy and zip line tours, offering tourists an exciting experience that combines adrenaline and great views as you fly over the tree tops. Other favorite activity among Puerto Vallarta visitors is exploring the Sierra Madre.

If you are not the sports type of traveler then visiting the Vallarta Botanical Gardens might be the way to go. Located only twelve Puerto Vallarta vacation rentalsmiles south of Puerto Vallarta, these gardens are easily accessible and feature numerous botanical collections on with a great variety of species of plants. Some of the most beautiful exhibits include the Palm Gardens, the Rose Garden, the Orchid House, a display of Mexican wildflowers and a favorite among visitors, the Carnivorous Plant Connection. Make sure to bring your swimming suit to enjoy a dip in the beautiful and crystal clear Rio Los Horcones.

Another very popular activity among Puerto Vallarta travelers is golfing. The city offers astonishing courses within incredible natural settings. If you are an avid golfer you can head to La Marina Vallarta Golf Course. This golf course offers great challenges as it has narrow fairways that are guarded by water. The Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta golf course is an 18-hole par 71 course that was designed by Jim Lipe. If you want an easy game then the Los Flamingos Golf Course is widely known for being one of the easiest ones to play.

Panama City Beach: Whether You Want Partying or Resting

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

panama city beach vacation rentalsLocated in the always fun Florida, Panama City Beach is the destination you want to go if you like great weather, beautiful beaches, excellent Panama City Beach vacation rental alternatives and water sports. It is a popular Spring Break destination that not only offers tons of outdoor activities but an incredible nightlife and a great assortment of restaurants to choose from. Regardless if your plans are to party hard or rest hard, you will not have a problem finding the right accommodation and activity for you, your friends, loved one or family in Panama City Beach.

Things to Do in Panama City Beach
There is no doubt that Panama City Beach can be what you want it to be. If you want to party then options are unlimited, if you want to rest, then a relaxing day at your beachfront Panama City Beach accommodation is always an option. Besides these two alternatives, here are some of the most popular Panama City Beach attractions:

Adventures at Sea: Located in 5711 North Lagoon Drive, this vacation attraction is ideal if you are traveling with your family and Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals 2kids. It is never closed and offers guests such activities as parasailing, jet skiing, waverunner rides, boat rentals, banana boat rides and swimming with dolphins; kids’ favorite.

St. Andrews State Park: Perfect for those who like adventures, the St. Andrews State Park is located along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and at Panama City Beach’s east end; and offers guests great camping opportunities. If you are looking for a primitive camping site, ask for the one that faces both the Lagoon and the Bay.

Gulf World Marine Park: This fun park has been one of the city’s landmarks since 1969. Kids will enjoy the park’s main five shows and the many exhibits featuring all dins of marine life. Don’t miss SplashMagic, a nighttime laser show, or the Tropical Gardens where you can see flamingos, iguanas and much more. There is also a Swim-with-Dolphins program for those interested.

Shopping: If your definition of vacation is never complete without shopping, then staying at a Panama City Beach vacation home will not disappoint you. The city offers everything from Antique shops to find a unique souvenir, numerous galleries for those interested in art pieces, a great variety of apparel and swimsuit shops to find your new and exciting swimsuit, or specialty shops. If you want the regular shopping experience then you can head to one of the city’s shopping centers which include the Panama City Mall, the Pier Park, Shoppes at Edgewater and Silver Sand Factory Stores.

10 Things you MUST know before booking an Orlando vacation rental

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

4Renting a vacation rental in Orlando Florida should be an exciting and seamless part of your vacation planning.  There are a few things that travelers must keep in mind when they are in the process of searching for and booking a vacation property.  Here is a short list of the 10 things you MUST know before renting a vacation rental in Orlando Florida.

1. Know where to search.
There are literally thousands of places you can look for Orlando vacation rentals, but not all portals are created equal.  Look for a portal that allows you to filter through the hundreds of properties advertised and also allows you to quickly compare your offers.  Because Orlando is such a popular destination and most portals have hundreds of listings, how do you know that a listing on page 10 isn’t the right one for you?  We thought about that in Rentalo.  We allow travelers to fill out 1 form, and our system matches your needs with the criteria of properties that fit them.  That way, you get answers back from owners who have properties that will be reasonably close to what you are looking for.  You get to compare and make a better and more informed decision.

2. Plan ahead.
Orlando Florida is one of the hottest destinations worldwide all year round.  The key to getting the best Orlando vacation rental is in planning your vacation ahead of time and taking advantage of Special Offers.  Rentalo displays properties offering Special Offers via our traveler newsletters.  Sign up for the savings.

3. Be open to search nearby destinations.
Most travelers have heard of Orlando, but did you know that you can also find Davenport or Kissimmee vacation rentals, sometimes at a lower price?  You may have to drive 5 more minutes, but the savings may make up for it.

4. Discounted Theme park tickets.
With such a competitive market and with so many vacation rental owners waiting for your business, they know they need to stand out. Many property owners offer perks like discounted Theme park tickets.  This alone may save you hundreds of dollars instantly, so ASK!

5. Get a contract in writing.
Ok, so you found the perfect place and you are ready to book it… not so fast.  We strongly recommend that you ask the property owner for a contract in writing before you send any payments, even if it’s just an email and not a formal invoice.  Most property owners are regular folk just like you, but you still want to have a paper trail of your communication in the unlikely event that something comes up further down the road.  The more detailed the better.

6. Avoid fraud.
Most property owners and managers are friendly and professional people.  Once in a while (as with anything in life) you find people that try to use portals to scam you.  This is less frequent on sites like which have a very strong Anti-Fraud system built in, so potential scammers can’t even advertise.  If you get an email asking you for all the money upfront via cash, wire transfer, Western Union or Money Gram, we strongly recommend you do not continue with the transaction unless you are certain they are a real property owner (example, your friend already stayed in the property).

7. Pay with a credit card or Paypal.
The most recommended form of payment to make sure you are covered is via credit card or Paypal.  If you pay this way you can rest assured that you are covered in the event something goes wrong.  Also, paying this way allows you to sign up for the Rentalo Worry Free Lodging Guarantee.

8. Buy travel insurance.
Again, most travelers don’t even think about this, but what if everything is fine with the rental, but you have problems with your trip?  What if a family problem comes up? Some properties cannot give you the money back because of their policies.  For just a few dollars you can have total peace of mind and insure your trip.

9. Get booking details.
Find out details about your lodging far in advance your arrival.  Get a map with specific driving directions.  Make sure to get details about entrance to the property and proper procedures for the stay, nearby restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.  Keep in mind that many property owners may not leave near the property, so make sure you have a contact number for a local person in case you need assistance.

10. HAVE FUN!!!
Don’t forget the most important thing, make sure you have lots of fun and let us know about it!

Myrtle Beach: Full of Opportunities

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

A major tourist destination, Myrtle Beach is an exciting city located along the South Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. It offers visitors a large selection of activities, excellent food and incredible Myrtle Beach vacation rental options. It is located in the famous area of The Grand Strand, known worldwide for its beautiful beaches which extend from Cape Fear in North Carolina to Georgetown in South Carolina. The city attracts over 14 million visitors each year which come to enjoy the city’s incredible weather and relaxed atmosphere. Peak dates include the 4th of July, the first weeks of may and the last weeks of June.
Things to do in Myrtle Beach

One advantage of visiting Myrtle Beach is that you can do as much or as little as you wish to. If you 4are the type of traveler that likes the beach and simply relaxing at the ocean’s shore, there isn’t a better place than Myrtle Beach’s beaches. If you like a more active vacation that includes a natural National Park, a speedway which hosts events such as Nascar and great golf courses then Myrtle Beach is also for you! Here is a short description of some of the attractions that Myrtle Beach vacation rentals visitors can found in this exciting city:

Freestyle Music Park: Formerly known as Hard Rock Park, this theme park opened on April 15th 2008 offers music lovers a great alternative to have fun. Current attractions include The Time machine, a roller coaster set to the music from the 1960’s to 2000’s, the Monstars of Rock dark ride and the Round About coaster with the 1980’s theme. Shows include Adrenaline Rush, a stunt show and Kiss the Sky, a fireworks display, among others.

5Myrtle Beach Speedway: Built in 1958 under the name of Rambi Raceway, the Myrtle Beach Speedway offers visitors a semi-blanket asphaltic oval track to see the Nascar Series and the Late Model Super Trucks among others.

Ripley’s Aquarium:
A must see if traveling with kids, the Ripley’s Aquarium offers the famous Weeki Wachee marmaids, restaurants, rides, shows and a 85000 square foot aquarium. Exhibits include the Rio Amazon exhibit exploring the equatorial rainforest, the Dangerous Reef and the living babies exhibit among others.

Regardless of the type of vacation you are looking for, staying in a Myrtle Beach vacation rental will ensure a fun and exciting vacation.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica: True Relaxation

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

4If what you are looking for is to relax and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature, don’t doubt on visiting Ocho Rios. This enchanting town located on the northeastern shore of Jamaica, is commonly referred to as Ochi, and it offers a number of unique attractions including shopping, restaurants, nightlife and a wide variety of Ocho Rios vacation rentals. The town is a very popular destination for cruise ships and it is well known for its scuba diving opportunities and other water sports. Once a fishing village, Ocho Rios is today one of the fastest growing towns of the Caribbean with a population of about 96,000 people.

Things to do in Ocho Rios

Although the town is many times overlooked by tourists who only spend here a couple of hours, there are many things to do. Besides the popular water sports as scuba diving, Ocho Rios is home to the famous Dunn’s River Falls. These waterfalls which span some 180 meters have been the site for movies and are one of the most famous attractions in the Caribbean. Visitors like to climb them and very often do so with the help of a guide. The fall’s climate is excellent due to the green vegetation which covers the side of the falls, helping shade the area from the sun.

Other popular site is the Ferm Gully. This lush gore has a tremendous depth which zig-zags for about four miles from the coast up to the central mountain area. The idea of visiting this site is to appreciate the profusion of tropical ferns and the foliage found in tropical rain forests.

The Shaw Park Gardens and Waterfalls are other option. Located on hilltop that overlooks the waters of the Caribbean Sea, these 5gardens offer an approximate of twenty-five miles of tropical beauty. There is a waterfall that cascades down a rocky course and the gardens offer hundreds of species of plants, flowers and trees. There is a natural spring pool where visitors like to relax and a specialized area for picnics. The entrance fee to the gardens is about $10 USD and group rates are also available.

Ocho Rios Market and People
If you are looking to get a souvenir Ocho Rio offers a huge arts and crafts market where you will find typical things like wooden fish and parrots, Jamaican caps and t-shirts. A disadvantage of this market is that it is very difficult to bargain. Sellers know tourists have plenty of money to spend.