Things you Need to Know When Traveling During Winter

4Traveling during winter can represent some challenges that other seasons of the year don’t. It is a good idea to get to know what these challenges may be and how to deal with them in order to have a safe and fun vacation. There are useful tips that will help you get to your vacation rental without any problem whether you are driving or flying.

If You are Driving
If you are driving to your vacation rental during winter, your main concern should always be safety. Winter driving conditions can be rough and not friendly so it is necessary that you know how to get ready for your trip and how to handle a winter storm in case you are stuck in one.

Cold Survival Kit: Make sure to pack some extra clothing and emergency items inside your car. A basic kit can include a pair of gloves, weather-resistant pants, an old pair of boots, a blanket, jumper cables, a flashlight with good batteries, and a windshield scraper. You will surely appreciate having packed these items if your car breaks down in very cold weather.

Check Your Car: Checking your car for winter conditions is always a must.  Check your tires, and keep your headlights and taillights clean. Make sure defrosters work well and if possible put a bag of kitty litter in the trunk; this will add ballast and offer better traction. It will also be helpful to put under the wheels in case you need to get out of a slippery spot.

If you are Flying
When flying to your vacation rental the most common challenges you will face are airport delays, cancellations, passenger strandings and airport woes among many others. Here are some ideas on how to cope with these flying issues.

Non-stop is the way to go: Usually the biggest problems for travelers include missing a connection because the first outbound flight was delayed or cancel. Therefore if you know that you might travel during difficult weather conditions try to book a non-stop flight. It will save you several headaches.

Early Bird: If you can’t book a non-stop flight then do your best to book an early flight. You will be less likely to have your flight affected by problems in other airports and you will have more options in case your flight is cancelled or delayed.

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