Common Tourist Scams around the World – Second Part

4Tourists are often common targets of scam and rip-off artists who take advantage of their relaxed attitude during vacation. Scams are very varied and some are more popular in certain areas than in others. Here is a second part to our blog post “The Most Common Traveling Scams.”

Gipsy Baby Toss Scam

This scam is very common in Eastern Europe and in Italy. A gipsy woman carrying a baby in a blanket approaches you. She then, tosses the baby in your arms while others grab your purse or anything of value that you may have on you amid the confusion. You will later on discover that the baby is really a doll.

The Flowers Lady

This scam is fairly simple and common especially in restaurants with non-cover dining spaces. While distracted couples enjoy their meal, a flower lady approaches to sell flowers, and starts complementing the lady at the table. While all this happens the scammer quickly grabs any valuable you might have put on top of the table such as ipod, cel or camera.

The Mustard Trick

This scam is somewhat similar to the others in that the point of it is to distract the victim while grabbing his/her belongings. Someone “accidentally” squirts mustard on your shirt while eating a hot dog. He apologizes and tries to clean your shirt while somebody else is walking off with your carry-ons.

The Bracelet Scam

Someone approaches you offering directions and ties a bracelet around your wrist in a double knot. He then asks for payment and if you refuse to pay he starts creaming that you’re stealing the bracelet. Many end up paying the bracelet.

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