Berkeley: An Eclectic Mix of Cultures

4Known as being one of the most progressive cities in the United States, Berkeley is an exciting destination that offers travelers an eclectic mix of cultures and viewpoints. It is located on the east shore of the San Francisco Bay area and it is the site of the famous University of California, Berkeley; the oldest of the University of California system and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The city has a great Mediterranean climate offering visitors dry summers and wet winters and a wide variety of Berkeley vacation rentals, hotels and bed and breakfasts for all kinds of parties and budgets. Visitors of Berkeley can expect an incredible arts scene with numerous hipster cafes and boutiques.

Things to do in Berkeley

Whether you are an outdoor fan or prefer indoor activities, Berkeley will have something for you. From biking and hiking paths to arts museums the options are almost innumerable.

Berkeley Marina and Peer

Located at the west end of University Avenue, the Berkeley Marina and Peer offer astonishing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. It is a great option to spend an afternoon with friends, although at night it is a bit dark and not so visited.

Sather Tower

One of the buildings of the UC Berkeley campus, the Sather Tower is a historic place modeled after the Campanile in Venice. It was built in 1914, designed by John Galen Howard and its 64-bell carillon chimes every day at noon producing a melodic sound. The building is in the National Register of Historic Places and definitely worth seeing if you like architecture.

Lawrence Hall of Science

A must in your list of things to do if you like science and if you are visiting with children, the Lawrence Hall of Science offers many exciting hands-on exhibits and activities as well as panoramic view of the Bay Area, Oakland and the Bay Bridge. Learning is made fun in this place.

Botanical Garden

Owned by the University of California, the Botanical Garden in Berkeley houses a wide number of plants native to California as well as many international exhibits. There is a cacti house and a tropical greenhouse with exotic species from Asia and South America. There is also a pond and a creek that run through the area.

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