How to Save on Car Rental and Plane Tickets by Booking Foreign

Thanks to today´s globalization many U.S. based companies have expanded their reach by creating websites to deal directly with locals. Usually these websites have a country specific domain such as What people don´t know is that many of these websites offer deals that are cheaper than those offered in American websites mainly because they offer prices competitive with the market that they are targeting.

Renting a Car in a Foreign Website

When researching on a U.S. based company´s foreign website make sure to compare what you are paying vs. what they are offering you. It might be that the price is the same, however in places like England and Australia things like taxes, collision damage waiver and deft protection are included in the price. To be competitive, American companies also include those extras in the price they offer in a local website. These extras are optional in American websites and therefore are charged extra as well.

Although American car rental agencies don´t require local credit cards to making a reservation, you may have difficulties when picking up the car as you may not be allowed to pay local price with a foreign credit card.

Booking a Plane Ticket in a Foreign Website

The biggest obstacle when booking a plane ticket via a foreign website is paying the booking. Some websites offer such rates only to residents and only accept local credit cards. One way to go around this is to ask a friend to book it for you. You may also ask a travel agent. Travel agents may charge you a fee so make sure that savings still offset the cost of the travel agent.

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