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Flying Far for Half the Price

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Flying nowadays has become very expensive. Many airlines, even major airlines, charge for extra bags, food, headphoneslow cost and the list goes on and on. Traveling abroad is practically a pocket’s nightmare and finding a good deal is like trying to find a hidden treasure.

There are however, some airlines that still offer good deals even if you are traveling far. The list includes airlines for Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia among others.

Traveling to Canada

Canada’s most famous low fare airline West Jet travels to more than 11 North American destinations and some Caribbean countries. Inexpensive routes include Las Vegas- Montreal, Miami-Toronto and Phoenix-Vancouver.

Traveling to Australia

Australia’s V Australia has forced Quantas into a fare war by offering tickets from Los Angeles to Brisbane as low as $359 each way. They also travel from Los Angeles to Sydney.

Traveling to Asia

AirAsia, one of the biggest low cost carriers offers service to more than sixty-eight cities in eighteen countries and they have expansion plans to the U.S in cities like Los Angeles and New York.

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