How to Stay on Top of Rentalo’s Special Offers

Finding a vacation rental special offer is always a pleaser. Smart travelers know that regardless of the time of the year you 4will always find a discounted vacation home; it is only a matter of searching for it. At Rentalo we also know this, and we make things easy for travelers to find these deals. Here are the most effective ways to stay on top.

The Best Value Accommodations Newsletter

    The Best Value Accommodations Newsletter is an excellent way to stay on top and don’t miss the latest special offers. An e-mail sent directly to your inbox that will let you know what are the most recent discounted properties. Beach deals, ski deals and much more! To sign up to this newsletter visit and sign up for free as a traveler.

    The Special Offers Page

    If you are not sure where to go, a good start can be Rentalo’s Featured Special Offers: Deal’s you can’t Miss page. You will find deals organized by continents. You will find deals that can go up to 80% off and in all kinds of destinations.

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      If you are one of those people that loves social networking and are always on your computer, then this option is the best one for you. We are constantly updateing our twitter account with new discounts. You will surely be one of the first ones to know! Follow us at:

      We hope you enjoy finding your next unbeatable deal and enjoy your vacation rental seeking experience!

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