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Avoid Big-Family Travel Hassles. Vacation Rentals to the Rescue.

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Traveling with a big family nowadays may be cumbersome. Finding a friendly and understanding hotel for your pack is not an easy challenge. Then of course, consider the budget constraints, with per room nightly charges and hefty restaurant bills. Vacation rentals offer the perfect solution with those who are traveling in big families. A vacation house with all necessary amenities can mean big savings and fun for the kids, grandpa and even you!

Location is everything and requires some effective web-hunting when it comes to find a suitable place for all your family fun. Luckily Rentalo offers its unique destination inquiry system that allows you to broadcast your lodging needs to multiple properties in the vacation spot of your choice. Upon response, you can find beautiful homes, cabins, and shore-side condos all over the country, even at the heart of large cities to lodge your big family. You can usually find very nice vacation homes and holiday villas for about the price of two hotel rooms, and instead of crowding your family on separate rooms, gather them in a nice den or living room. It is definitely a lot more bang for your buck!

Big families usually don´t choose to stay in a hotel, they prefer to rent a vacation house. It is not only cheaper, it also avoids hotel issues like making noise, rigid meal times, and refrigerators too small to fit your kids´ snacks. Large families also find that renting a vacation rental helps them on a complicated task: hunting for a kid-friendly restaurant.

If you are traveling in a group of 5 or more, planning ahead will help you find the best deals and ensure the most enjoyable vacation for the entire family. Use Rentalo and other online tools to to plan your stay, use your time wisely, and save money on local tours and attractions. Consider the different ages in your group and plan accordingly. Youngsters will be more excited with space and liberty, while small kids need to be looked after. Remember, grandpa should not be left behind.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, gather with your family, plan a reunion and share priceless memories this November. Don´t worry if there are “too many of us” on the next trip, use Rentalo to find spacious vacation homes in many destinations; we will do the work for you.

Puerto Vallarta: Mexican-style Beachside Splendor

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Looking for an exciting beach destination on your quest to discover another culture? Then, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect vacation destination for you. Located in Bahia Banderas on the Pacific Ocean, it is one of Mexico’s most popular resort towns. It offers an incredible assortment of things to do and a variety of Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals to stay at.

Rest assured, you will never be bored in Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful beaches, water sports and numerous trips around town will keep you busy. You will regret not having enough time to do everything this amazing Mexican resort has to offer.

Stay at a Mexican-style beachside Puerto Vallarta villa, and enjoy luxurious amenities including Jacuzzis, swimming pools and large oceanfront decks at budget cost. You can find high quality Puerto Vallarta lodging at very reasonable rates, especially when you split costs with your friends and family.

In addition to beautiful beaches and sun-filled days, Puerto Vallarta is also a culturally rich place. A unique mix of pre-Columbian mystical traditions and contemporary cultures from around the world.

You can´t miss swimming with dolphins. There are plenty close-up encounter programs with our beautiful and charming friends, suitable for both experts and non-swimmers. After your swim, enjoy snorkeling and diving while observing Mexico’s rich underwater world.

Puerto Vallarta in December, hosts a variety of city festivals. The Puerto Vallarta Golf Cup welcomes amateur golfers from Mexico, USA and Canada while the Puerto Vallarta Film Festival showcases films from North and South America. If you like exotic tastes and varied cuisines, you can also attend the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet International Festival.

If you are into art and original crafts, Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint you. This charming town is home to a wealth of galleries that feature both local and international art. Some of these galleries include Arte de las Americas for contemporary and Mexican art and Puerco Azul for Folk and traditional crafts.

In Puerto Vallarta, you are not just locked up in one beach town, but you have plenty of places to visit and see in the neighborhood. Take day trips to such charming towns as Bucerias, Sayulita and San Francisco which provide great ambiances and natural settings in the vicinity. Take the chance, start planning your Mexico trip and try our unique destination inquiry system to find a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta.

Happy Oregon Family is the Winner of an Apple iPad

Friday, September 24th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Rentalo awarded its Summer Sweepstakes prize, an Apple iPad to a loyal traveler who placed a destination inquiry in Rentalo to find a vacation rental for the upcoming travel season. Sandy Schelonka, resident of Lake Oswego in Oregon used our inquiry system saving time and winning an iPad for her family.

A family of six who loves the water, snow skiing, outdoor adventure activities, and most importantly, being together, the Schelonkas moved to Portland, Oregon from Birmingham, Alabama last year. Instead of vacationing along the Florida beaches as they have in the past, they now prefer to explore the Great Northwest, including the beautiful Oregon coast and mountains as well as Canada. If their four children have their way, their next big adventure will be to the Hawaiian islands, the beaches of Mexico, or Costa Rica. The Schelonka family especially appreciates how easy it is with to identify all kinds of vacation rental properties to fit their large family–Granny included! Here, Hannah, Sam and Jackson from the Schelonka family hold their new iPad. Congratulations!

“Rentalo appreciates and rewards traveler loyalty, we have a world-class system and an awesome traveler audience that deserves it all. We continuously strive to provide greater value for everyone in the travel industry.” said Gabriel Amorocho, head of the Marketing Department at Rentalo on the Summer Sweepstakes.

Place a destination inquiry in the vacation spot of your choice and receive offers directly from vacation rental property owners.

Plan your Vacation Stay and Relax Using our Inquiry System.

Friday, September 24th, 2010

We know you can´t wait for your next vacation trip. So get on to it, start planning your vacation stay with Rentalo and enter our Sweepstakes to win a Massage Mouse II. Place a destination inquiry in Rentalo, save time, receive offers directly from property owners, and get a chance to win an electronic massaging device. Easy, fast and now, a relaxing experience!

Forget about a stiff neck, back pain, or sore muscles, the Massage Mouse II can help! Try Tui-Na Ancient Chinese massage in the comfort of your own home with Rentalo. Massage Mouse II provides relaxation and deep soothing massages to your muscles. Imagine a professional massage therapist at your disposal to relieve muscle tensions and pain within 20 minutes!

Don´t miss this opportunity, winners will be announced September 30, 2010. Terms and conditions.