Top 5 Travel Tips for This Christmas Season

1. Plan ahead. We assume you have already done all your planning, however, keeping a detailed checklist of your itinerary and double checking it is never to be overlooked. Check you have your plane tickets and car rental vouchers ready for your whole family, your accommodation is confirmed and you have a list (flexible) on all your planned activities. Print a couple of maps and roadways of your planned destinations.

2. Check with your airline or travel agency for flight changes and seat assignments. Sometimes weather or an unusual event (e.g. strikes) may lead into reassignment or flight changes. Be sure to call your airline and check all your information trying to avoid any last minute surprise.

3. Confirm your accommodation. If you have booked a vacation rental, review your rental agreement and call the corresponding property manager. Review the special needs for your party, consider wheelchair accessibility for seniors and baby items for toddlers. Stay in contact and make all the necessary arrangements for arrival and departure.

4. Make a list of all your travel items. It can take extra time but it will be surely pay off when you are packing as you may forget something in a rush. Remember to take items suitable for local conditions and activities; consider your beach or ski destination and take the appropriate garments. When you are ready to return, check off your items so you won´t leave anything behind. Pack your stuff in clear plastic bags to facilitate security checks at airport control posts.

5.Keep a cheerful attitude. Leaving your home´s security on a vacation trip may lead to stressful situations. Be patient and polite with everyone, take cultural differences as an extra condition and enjoy human diversity while cherishing it. Most people you will find will be there to help you make this experience an unforgettable trip, so express some consideration for them while being kind. Happy Holidays!

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