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How to Use Rentalo’s Comparison Shopping Tools

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Since mid 1990s, Rentalo has been developing online tools to facilitate vacation planning and comparison shopping for travelers seeking short term rentals online.  While newer sites like Kayak and Sidestep focus on the same concept in a broader "travel" sense, Rentalo focuses exclusively on short term accommodations and rentals.  Unlike many vacation rental and lodging directories that force travelers to browse through huge lists of potential lodging options, Rentalo makes it easy for travel planners to search, brows,e and compare a wide range of lodging options from a small cottage to a castle.  Below are some tools Rentalo has designed for travelers to save time and money finding short-term accommodations online.

SmartSearch Tool

This great tool is the most commonly used by travelers in top destinations with large inventory options in all lodging categories such as hotels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts.  With this user-friendly tool, travelers can apply a wide range of filters to narrow down their lodging options.  Travelers can apply any combination of their desired items including Sleeps, Bedrooms, Lodging  Types, Amenities, Location Attributes, Things to Do, Special features, and even nearby cities.  To become familiar with this powerful tool, please visit any of our top destinations
This is an award-winning tool who has received thousands of great reviews from travelers,  and it is well known in the travel industry for its  effectiveness, time saving ability, and convenience.

Destination-based Inquiry service

Every destination page in Rentalo has an   button on the top right to allow travelers easy access to Rentalo's destination-based inquiry form which permits travelers to broadcast their inquiry to multiple property owners that match their inquiry criteria.   Also, every footer page in Rentalo has a "Submit Inquiry" link  for easy access to the destination-based inquiry form.
Upon the travelers submitting an inquiry, in order to match each traveler's inquiry with the most appropriate inventory selection, Rentalo's engine takes into account the following relevant items:
- Availability calendar - Saving the travelers the time consuming task of having to manually inspect each listing's calendar to see if the property is available in the desired dates.
- Maximum Occupancy - Another item taken into account by Rentalo's engine is the maximum occupancy each property has compared with the number of adults and children requested by the traveler.
- Type of property - Travelers can "uncheck" boxes to narrow down offers from various types of lodging properties  available in Rentalo e.g. hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.
- Special needs - Items such as pets-allowed, children-friendly, smoking-friendly, handicap-friendly are also matched to each property availably in Rentalo's inventory.
- Vicinity - Travelers are also given the choice to receive offers from nearby cities or towns.

Special Offers

Rentalo's Special offers is a great tool to save tons of money in quality inventory.  Thousands of heavily discounted listings are available.  Special offers are also broadcasted in real time by Rentalo via Twitter and Facebook so travelers can  follow Rentalo's special offers as they become available.


Rentalo's monthly and bi-weekly newsletter publications allow travelers to receive last minute offers and new inventory introductions in destinations that have been selected or inquired by the travelers.  Travelers can register for free to receive Rentalo's newsletter publications.

Too Cold 4 U?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

February is here, and snow is falling down upon us along with the low temperatures. How about a ski trip to Breckenridge or Copper Mountain Colorado? Or if you are on the East Coast, how about Mt. Snow, Vermont or Beech Mountain, North Carolina? Rentalo has many properties to choose from in these cold, snowy, beautiful locations. Here are some options 4 U:


Copper Mountain

Mt. Snow, Vermont

Beech Mountain, NC

For some folks, February sounds like a good time to hit the beach! The Beach in February? Sure. Check out some of the current temperatures in Southwest Florida… Captiva Island & Sanibel, 72 degrees & sunny, Marco island 74 degrees and sunny, Anna Maria Island, 71 degrees and sunny, Siesta Key, 72 degrees and sunny, get the idea? Rentalo has loads of wonderful properties to choose from in SW Florida. Check out these top beach destinations in southwest Florida:


Siesta Key

Anna Maria Island

Marco Island

Any of these locations can definitely be a great spot for your February beach vacation. Now, let’s take it a bit further, shall we? Have you ever thought of traveling to the Caribbean, and not necessarily in a cruise ship to find your own Island in the Sun? Let Rentalo do the work for you. Have you ever heard of Isabela, Puerto Rico, or Montego Bay, Jamaica, of Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica?  These are some of the unspoiled and unhurried areas that are worth experiencing because they are completely different from the often touristic spots in big cities.

Take Isabela Puerto Rico for example, where the 2010 World Surfing Championships were just held in December. Here you will find a small town, unhurried, with a feeling of a small community that takes its fishing, surfing, and beaches seriously.  If you would like a little adventure for the family, you can visit Shacks beach, where the wind surfing is always excellent. Also at Shacks you will find the Blue Hole, where you can snorkel in crystal clear Caribbean waters. You may also want to check Jobos Beach in Isabela, where the protected cove is wonderful for swimming with the entire family, and with a superb world class surfing area nearby. Feeling hungry? Also at Jobos, you can have a delicious lunch such as grilled shark on a stick and some ice cold coconut water.  The great thing about Isabela or Puerto Rico in general, is that almost everyone speaks or understands English, and you don’t need a passport, since P.R. is considered part the US.

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Are you convinced yet? If you want to get out of the cold, take a drive down to SW Florida, or take a 2 hour flight to Puerto Rico. You can use many of the air carriers that fly right into Aguadilla, which is located 15 minutes from Isabela and 35 minutes from Rincon. By the way, don’t forget to bring your sandals and leave your snow boots at home!