RENTalo Optimizes Newsletters & Email Marketing

RENTalo has teamed up with Campaigner, a leading Email Service Provider (ESP), in order to optimize its email marketing practices and ensure the best possible open and click rates on its opted-in database of travelers, currently at 1.3 million email addresses.
In March 9th of 2012, we launched our latest newsletter publication series called Special Offers -- See example.

"We plan to re-confirm all our opted-in emails periodically in order to improve our email marketing effectiveness." says Alfredo Purrinos, President & Founder of

Since 2003, has been refining its email marketing practices to comply to anti-spam laws as well as other "ESP-specific" rules and best-practices.  All our travelers emails have been opted-in and verified (e.g. double opted-in).  We have invested a lot of resources over the years in the creation or distribution of our newsletters and email publications.  We send 1-2 newsletters a month with relevant content, especially designed for travel and vacation planners.

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