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An Useful Article for those visiting San Juan, Puerto

Thursday, February 28th, 2013
Known as “La Ciudad Amurallada,” San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and a major port and touristic center of the West Indies. The city is divided in three different areas that include the Old San Juan, the Resort area and other outlying communities such as the Rio Piedras, Hato and Puerta Tierra among others.

In this short review about San Juan you will find the best things to do and places to visit in this great area. It is very important to know about the most traditional and typical activities that every tourist should checking out before leaving this destination, because every vacation spot has great landmarks and historical places that should not be missed.

Are you currently considering a different lodging in your next vacation? A vacation rental is a great idea. First, it’s a home away from home. It helps you feel more comfortable and free. Second, generally, hotel rooms are more expensive than private rentals. San Juan vacation rentals are definitely more affordable. And third, a vacation rental in San Juan is perfect for a family or large groups. It offers more space and privacy.

Being the capital of the country, San Juan offers visitors an incredible assortment of entertainment activities. From regular beach activities such as water sports and scuba diving to excellent nightlife, incredible restaurants and numerous San Juan resorts vacationing in San Juan will never disappoint you. Read on to explore the possibilities.

If you would like to feel just like a pirate of the Caribbean, San Juan’s Old City is definitely for you. The city’s two major fortresses, San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal were built more than 400 years ago and a pleasure to explore. The city also features numerous bars and restaurants for San Juan condo guests to enjoy.

There are tourists that can’t leave a city without visiting its museums. San Juan has some amazing museums to visit. For example, El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is one of those places you must check. First, the old and beautiful building is very attractive and it is very well maintained, and it is a work of art itself. The admission ticket is very reasonable, and it has a great parking space. But this museum is more than that. It helds a lot of festivals and concerts too.

Palomino Island is a great option for those staying in a vacation apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This small, quiet and private island is a little paradise of clear water and totally white, and soft sand. It is accesible by ferry. It is not a cheap trip but it is definitely a worthy one, specially for those who love snorkeling.

At first it could be an odd option, but it is not. The amazing, very picturesque and remarkable seaside San Juan Cemetery is a must visit. Breathtaking views of the sea and a lot of spectacular graves to see, including white stone statues and many works of art. It will leave you mesmerized and it will give you a lot to meditate on. Definitely a great place to be buried!.

It is impossible to avoid a visit to El Morro (Castillo de San Felipe del Morro). This amazing fortress was built to defend the San Juan seaside in the 17th and 18th centuries. It rises 140 feet above the ocean on a hill and there are 6 different levels in this spectacular old fortress. Amazing architecture, very impressive structure and a lot to see and enjoy.

Deciding where to stay in your vacation can be a little difficult job. Comparing different kinds of accommodations is very helpful to this.

As an example, below you will find a place to stay in San Juan.

San Juan vacation rental: Elegant, historic and very romantic. Reminiscent of by-gone era. Two (2) large bedrooms, l bath apartment. Very private, ample kitchen leads to its own, cozy and romantic patio to enjoy a morning coffee or relax in the late afternoon after a day spent exploring the oldest city in the New World or touring the island and its beaches.
Newly renovated and decorated. Satellite TV and WI-FI, A / C. All new except for the historic building (1804). Built by the Spanish government for an officer in the Army during the Spanish quest for discovering the New World.
Very high ceilings (16′-18 ‘), original architectural design and preserved materials. Easily accessible from street level and to very important and interesting attractions in this city dating to the Spanish conquest of the island. Walking distance to the New World’s first university (now the Hotel El Convento) monitored by the Catholic church at that time. Hotel is right in front of the San Juan Cathedral. Ballaja army headquarters, and everything is, and nearby El Morro Castle from which the Spanish army would ward off invading forces Such as Sir Francis Drake and other pirates. For more pictures and information about this amazing vacation apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico, please take a closer look at property #385026 at

Traveling To St Kitts, Caribbean Read This First

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

St Kitts is one of two islands of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, located in the West Indies. It is the smallest nation in the Americas in both area and population. Saint Kitts and Nevis were some of the first islands in the Caribbean to be settled by Europeans and are home to the first British and French colonies.

When you are travelling to this excellent destination, you should learn some fundamental things about it. Initially, it is important to know about the best attractions to enjoy there. Following, the most famous and typical things to do for visitors and then finally, one of the best places to stay in this great place. In this essential article, you will learn about those three basic things and see why this location will be your next vacation spot.  Continue reading!.

Every month hundreds of tourists, families, adventure seekers and honeymooners visit St Kitts. Whether you are travelling with your family, couple or a group of friends, this great vacation spot has a rich variety of St Kitts accommodations to choose from. Depending on your needs you can find one of many St Kitts vacation rentals, St Kitts hotels or a charming St Kitts bed and breakfast. Regardless if you are looking for a private, oceanfront settings, spa treatments or luxurious amenities – in St Kitts you can find it all!.

This beautiful island is home to numerous historic attractions remembering colonial times and fascinating British and French architecture. Tourists can also relax on the island’s numerous sandy beaches and go on a fascinating cruise to the southeast peninsula. Read on to find out about the island’s activities and plan your St Kitts vacations.

This tiny island is home to numerous annual festivals luring travelers with unique atmosphere and music. St Kitts Music Festival, Culturama, Inner City Fest and Green Valley Festivals are just some of many events of the island that offer live performances, parades, street dances and music shows.

Mount Liamuiga is 3,792 foot dormant volcano with a 400-foot deep mouth. It is a very impressive site to visit, specially is for those who love hiking, horseback riding and have a great time in the middle of an amazing wilderness. It is highly recommend it to hire a guide or go in a guided tour, and wait for a clear day before visiting this spectacular mount.

One of the best ways for tourists to learn about the island’s history is by visiting the Brimstone Hill, a 38-acre fortress. Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of the West Indies”, this fascinating fortress is located on the upper slopes of an 800-foot high mountain offering excellent views of the ocean. This World Heritage Site is surrounded by many scenic roads that boast stunning panoramas of quaint villages and towns.

Those who get tired quickly of the sandy beaches and the sea should take a look at one of many historical sites in the island, like Romney Manor. This beautful old plantation estate house is a great place to admire impressive gardens, a 300 year old tree, and The Batik. This is great and definitely worth visiting, with great prices for some great gifts/souvenirs.

Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden is one of those place that every tourist visiting St Kitts can’t miss. A place with colourful flowers and fruit trees, with a great restaurant with tasty local food. Crab cakes, stuffed lambs, polenta, goat cheese salads are the best attractions in this great place.

During these troubled economic times, most people are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging alternatives before determine where to stay.

It is a great deal to evaluate, please read:

St Kitts Vacation House: Enchanting villa at Sealofts On The Beach. 2 bedroom 2 bath air-conditioned fully furnished villa at Sealofts On The Beach adjacent to the Marriott Resort in Frigate Bay. Amenities include gazebos, barbecue area, swimming pool, lush tropical garden and direct access to the beach. When we have the chance to get away to Sealofts On The Beach, we want to relax and unwind in beautiful and comfortable surroundings. Accordingly, we have taken great care in decorating this villa with some of the most attractive furnishings. For more info and photos about this great villa, please visit and take a better look at property ID#382340 at

A Handy Guide For Travelers To Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

nother of North Carolina’s beautiful towns; Chimney Rock’s biggest attraction is the Chimney Rock Park. Visitors of a Chimney Rock vacation rental will be delighted with the natural settings and landscapes offered in this charming community.

When you are making your way to this unique destination, you should learn some fundamental things about it. Initially, it is important to know about the best interesting attractions to enjoy there. Next, the favourite and typical activities for visitors and lastly, one of the best places to stay in this great location. In this essential article, you will learn about those three simple things and find out why this location will be your next vacation spot.  Continue reading!.

Every month hundreds of visitors, families, adventure seekers and honeymooners visit Chimney Rock. Whether you are travelling with your family, couple or a group of friends, this great vacation spot has a rich variety of Chimney Rock accommodations to choose from. According to your needs you can find one of many Chimney Rock vacation rentals, Chimney Rock hotels or a charming Chimney Rock bed and breakfast. Regardless if you are looking for a private, oceanfront settings, spa treatments or luxurious amenities – in Chimney Rock you can find it all!.

Most tourists visiting this charming vacation spot are drawn by Chimney Rock State Park. This gorgeous and amazing park is situated just 25 miles southeast of Asheville. It’s a little challenging to ascend if you’re not in shape, specially if the elevator is not working, but every step to the top is worthy of your efforts. The hiking trails are great. Breathtaking views of Lake Lure and the surrounding mountains.

A spectacular drop of 404 feet awaits adventurous vacationers at the top of the Hickory Nut Falls, positioned at Chimney Rock Park. One of the highest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River; these falls is available either by hiking or walking though the Hickory Nut Falls trail.

Moonshiners’ Cave is one of the most visited spots in Chimney Rock. This very interesting illuminated cave is full of surprises specially for those visiting the first time. The entrance to this beautiful and mysterious cave is very narrow, and contains a lot of different stairs with amazing views.

Those who are staying in a beautiful cabin in Chimney Rock should take a short trip to impressive Lake Lure. It is the ideal place for people that love fishing, swimming and boating. Lake Lure is a man-made lake, with 3 great long bays, and an island of 7 acres, surrounding of wonderful views, nature and a very friendly local atmosphere.

In these troubled economic times, most visitors are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging solutions before determine where to stay.

Here you have a great spot to investigate:

Chimney Rock Vacation Cabin: River Front cabins on The Rocky Broad River near Chimney Rock. All cabins have a deck overlooking the river, full river access, hardwood floors, tastefully decorated, fully equipped, air conditioned. The river is stocked weekly by the state hatchery with trout throughout the summer. They normally stock on Wednesday, Thursdays or Fridays, right at our private bridge. Fish, swim and tube right at your backdoor. We are located near attractions such as The Biltmore House, Chimney Rock Park and also have easy access to The Blue Ridge Parkway. To find out more about this great lodging option, check out, and take a closer look at property ID#5669.

Useful Info And Comparison Shopping Trends To Kelowna, British Columbia

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Kelowna is a city on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Its name originates from the native term for “female grizzly bear”. Kelowna is famous for its scenic lake vistas and dry, mild temperature that draws people to the city during the summer months.

When you are visiting this amazing destination, you should learn some fundamental things about it. To begin with, it is important to know about the best points of interest to enjoy there. Secondly, the most famous and typical activities for visitors and in the end, one of the best places to stay in this great location. In this simple article, you’ll learn about those three simple things and see why this location can be your next vacation spot.  Keep reading!.

Each month hundreds of tourists, families, adventure seekers and honeymooners visit Kelowna. Whether you are travelling with your family, couple or a group of friends, this great vacation spot has a rich variety of Kelowna accommodations to choose from. Depending on your needs you can find one of many Kelowna vacation rentals, Kelowna hotels or a charming Kelowna bed and breakfast. Regardless if you are looking for a private, oceanfront settings, spa treatments or luxurious amenities – in Kelowna you can find it all!.

Some people say that this amazing place is simply the best spot to live in all Canada. We are talking about Okanagan Lake, a beautiful 82-mile long lake. There a lot of things to do in this breathtaking and relaxing place, from watersports like swimming to skiing, from hiking to biking, and some tanning too. There are so any wineries to discover that tourists won’t have enough time to visit all. Advice: For those who love boating, it will be a little difficult to get enough space during summertime.

Tourists that love wine should remember to visit some great wineries like Quails’ Gate Winery. It’s the perfect place to enjoy and discover some new wines, taste some different food and learn about wines in general. Visitors looking for a great spot to have dinner with their couple, should do it so in this great winery. It has a great view too, so everything there is perfect.

Myra Canyon Park is the place for those who love nature and a great and long, long walk in a state park. It is the ideal spot if the heat is increasing in the city and you need a cool time. Great views, amazing photos to take, first, of the beautiful green hills and some others like the old train caves, some hawks in the sky and some quirrels, gophers on the ground. Bring your bike!!.

For those who love golf, The Harvest Golf Club is a great place to visit. Graham Cooke, one of the greatest canadian designers was the golf course arquitect. Imagine a place with nine different types of apple trees, stunning views of the lake and the city, a very convenient outdoor grill and excellent food. Take time to relax and enjoying your chosen sport and the views.

In these troubled economic times, most visitors are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging choices before decide where to stay.

It’s a great deal to evaluate, please read:

Kelowna BC Vacation House: This Kelowna vacation property is situated on a ‘BEAUTIFUL SANDY BEACH’ – Lake Okanagan Kelowna B.C. Let the sand tickle your toes and the sun soothe your soul at the ‘Cove of Sand’ where you have THREE Kelowna accommodations to choose from. Even by sun-kissed Okanagan standards, ‘The Cove of Sand’ is a gem apart: natural beauty, guided by a loving hand in Kelowna.  This Kelowna lakeshore ‘ EXECUTIVE HOME, GUEST COTTAGE AND SUITE, ‘ sitson a quiet, no-through road, surrounded by shade trees, beautiful sandy beach and floral gardens. Just 1/2 block from where ‘Mission Creek’ enters Lake Okanagan and 1 block to the Mission Creek Greenway / Nature Trail. Enjoy Kelowna, BC as you’ve never seen it before. 1/2 half block from the famed Manteo/Eldorado Hotels. To acquire more information and pictures, please take a look at property #25479 at

Useful Tips For Travelers To Panama City Beach, Florida

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Sometimes called “The Spring Capital of the World”, this beautiful and attractive Panama City Beach is situated in the Florida Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico in Bay County. It provides unique sugary-white sandy beaches that extend twenty seven long miles and a lot of entertainment possibilities.

Next, we share some interesting attractions and things to do.  Additionally, you will find some useful trends for these interesting places as well as great lodging options.

It is well known that Panamy City Beach is a very popular vacation spot among people that live in the Southern United States. Panama City Beach is the perfect vacation spot for outdoor fans. It has a lot of Panamy City vacation rentals. Blessed with perfect temperatures all year long, Panama City Beach boasts natural dunes, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, ideal for all kinds of water activities. Stay with me to find out about the area’s most popular attractions.

Wonderworks is a great Panama City Beach attraction where scientific principles and fun are together to entertaint and educate at the same time, kids and adults as well. Over 100 exhibits and challenges await the eager participant. The laws of nature and possibility interact with human skills and perceptions to create some of the most mind boggling, head scratching virtual challenges, mental challenges and physical challenges. Are you ready for this challenge?.

Those people who are thrill seekers and love waterparks will love Shipwreck Island. It’s full of great rides for every member of a typical family so it will be a fun day for everyone.  Certainly, most rides are fast but if you want to have a slow ride they have one just for you that cruises aroung the entire waterpark. Now they have cabanas with netting, tables, chairs and lounge chairs.

Some people love to be out in the open and not only at the beach and Panama City Beach and its area are home to 37 parks that offer great swimming, fishing and boating. These city’s lush areas are also fantastic for hiking, biking and picnicking. St. Andrews Bay that surrounds Panama City Beach provides the city with a natural protected harbor, ideal for deep sea fishing and sailing.

Hands-on interaction with animals, amazing exhibits and live animal shows are waiting for adventure enthusiasts in Gulf World Marine Park. This special place offers live shows featuring dolphins, sea lions and tropical birds and showcases penguins, flamingos and sharks. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most popular activities in the park.

Stats on Panama City Beach exposed that 56.42 percent of the travelers who inquired on Panama City Beach vacation rentals showed interest in comparison shopping, by accepting to get offers from vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. 68.73 percent were also interested in receiving offers from nearby spots including Panama City and Inlet Beach.

In Panama City Beach, most vacationers look for family accommodations as 45.98% of the inquiries requested lodgings with children.  Romantic getaways for parties of two accounted for 16.58% of the inquiries, while business or solo travelers only accounted for just 4.73% of the inquiries.

In these troubled economic times, most travelers are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging options  before decide  where to stay.
For instance, below there are 2 great lodging options to explore:

Panama City Beach Vacation Condo: Professionally decorated by the owner using posh Seaside Cottage furniture makes this Panama City Beach condo is furnished for your comfort. This awesome condominium includes not only one over-sized King-size bed in the Master bedroom, BUT, another King-size bed in the Second bedroom, and a full and twin in the third bedroom. There is also a Queen sleeper Sofa, a fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops, breakfast bar, wet bar, fully-equipped laundry room. This is a Deluxe corner unit so you can see the gulf not only from your balcony but living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and the second bedroom. TWO HUGE heated Gulf-front pools, each over 175 feet in length. A fully equipped fitness room, and don’t forget the Tiki Bar Located right between both pools. Speedy elevators….That is right!! No longer standing and waiting for what sometimes feels like an eternity. For more info and photos, please log into property ID#1341 at

Useful Tips For Travelers To Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

A quintessential beach town based just an hour east of Orlando; in a beautiful barrier island nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River Lagoon, Cocoa Beach is great for a quiet vacation far from the crowds yet close to all the fun. It is a tiny place, just six miles long, no more than that but  Visitors will find many attractions and things to do in addition to a variety of Cocoa Beach lodging alternatives.

Below you will find  a list of things to do   and attractions, as well as travel statistics on comparison shopping, vacation planning and themes, and some lodging options.

Staying at a vacation rental in Cocoa Beach is the perfect idea especially if you are traveling with your family or a large group. Cocoa Beach vacation rentals not simply offer more space but in addition more privacy, most of the times at a better rate than a Cocoa Beach hotel room. At an Cocoa Beach vacation rental you will feel just like at home, but with a variety of amenities that will make your vacation a memorable experience.

Cocoa Beach is a place where everybody will find something great to do. Like The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum which is found in nearby Titusville. It is the nation’s first national police museum and memorial.  For those who are looking for a relaxing walk in a park, should visit Cocoa Beach State Park and for more fun the Andreitt Thrill Park that has indoor and outdoor attractions for all age groups.

If a beach vacation is your ideal vacation, staying at a Cocoa Beach vacation home will not disappoint you. Whether you just want to work on your tan, build sand castles or go sea shelling; Cocoa Beach will make your beach vacation dream a reality.

Those who love the sky should visit The Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory. The facility consists of a planetarium, public observatory, large-screen movie theater, exhibit halls, classroom (used by Brevard Community College) and an art gallery. On the rooftop public observatory, visitors can view planets, stars, galaxies and other objects directly through a telescope.

If your ideal vacation always features shopping then Cocoa Beach is the location to be. Easily reachable from any Cocoa Beach accommodation are numerous shops, clothing boutiques, galleries and area shopping malls which provide both a unique and traditional shopping experience.

Cocoa Beach tourists also like to do comparison shopping, as 55.44 percent of those inquiring on vacation homes also accepted to get offers from hotels and bed and breakfasts. Some 53 percent also inquired on nearby destinations as Merritt Island, Rockledge, Cocoa, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne and Melbourne Beach.

In these troubled economic times, most travelers are looking for comparison shopping among different lodging options  before determine  where to stay.
For example, below there are two great lodging options to explore:

Cocoa Beach Florida Vacation House: These are amazing affordable waterfront Cocoa Beach Vacation Houses, situated right on the beach. These Cocoa Beach vacation homes are spacious and perfectly air conditionated. Both beautiful houses are near the Orlando Aiport. Large and cozy bedrooms with great baths. You will enjoy astounding views from every window. Ocean front, ocean views, children areas, hot-tub, pool table, broad-band Internet. What else could you ask for?.  To acquire more information, please log into property ID#34523 at

Excellent Reading Before Traveling To Kissimme, Florida

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

If you want to be in the center of Florida and enjoy the warm feeling of a charming and growing town and the adventurous side of its themed parks, Kissimmee is the perfect place for you. It is a city located in the Osceola County, and it is famous for its bass fishing too, amazing golf courses and an ideal place for shopping.

Below you will find a list of activities and attractions, and also travel statistics on comparison shopping, vacation planning and themes, and some lodging choices.

A vacation rental in Orlando is always a great option for those traveling in large groups or with the family. With all the amenities you have at home, staying at an Orlando vacation home will not only save you money but allow you to have some privacy and considerably more space.

Imagine a view of Kissimme from a hot air ballon flying over beautiful lakes. You will have to wake up early for a vacation day, but they fly only at sunrise, when they have the perfect weather conditions for a fly. Sometimes, when the wind allow them, pilots would fly over Disney, which is the most requested  view by visitors.

Envision dinning around beautiful horses from around the world, while celebrating the wedding of a prince and a princess. All this is possible at Kissimmee’s acclaimed Arabian Nights dinner show. Stay at a Kissimmee villa and find a variety of themed restaurants that offer the most amazing food and incredible performances.

Make a big splash at Kissimmee’s Water Mania or get totally wet at the adventurous Wet’n Wild. Take a refreshing ride at Kissimmee’s water parks and take in all the excitement that these parks have to offer. Book now one of many Kissimmee vacation rentals make certain a vacation full of fun!

Theme parks aren’t the only exciting places in Kissimmee. Shopping fans staying at a Kissimmee condo will find a world of opportunities at Kissimmee’s wide variety of shops, outlet malls, specialty boutiques and traditional malls; where you can find an assortment of brand name items.

Do we have to make a list of the great themed parks that are awaiting for you near Kissimmee? Disney World, Busch Gardens, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Islands of Adventure, Epcot Center and Universal Studios, and more!!. That’s why you will have an intense and adventurous day in the parks and a relaxing night in the cozy surroundings of Kissimmee.

One of the most exciting things to do in Kissimme is a Ballooning travel. There are many companies that offer this kind of experience and all of them are run by very experienced and knowledgable people that is very friendly too. The balloon flights start very early in the morning which is the best moment to do it, so if you don’t want to get up early, it is not an activity for you. Imagine traveling in a ballon and having the best sight of the Florida.

In accordance to a study, Kissimmee can be regarded as a family vacation destination since 57.17% of the inquiries were from families with children.  11.93% from couples searching for romantic getaways and 35.07% are from people planning family reunions and larger groups with 4 or more adults and children.

In the current stressful world, information availability plays a definite role in consumer’s decisions. The idea behind providing statistics on popular destinations is to allow travelers to make informed decisions as far as when to travel and what lodging type to choose. If people are correctly informed, they will have the opportunity to better plan their trip taking into account such variables as time, budget, and lodging options, therefore getting the most out of their vacation.

As an example, beneath there are 2 excellent deals to evaluate:

Kissimmee Vacation House: This resort property, we have 4 bedroom 3.5 bath town home that sleeps 10 at our tastefully decorated resort called Regal Palms Resort & Spa located in Davenport Florida, which is about 7 minutes from Disney World. This resort is also located just minutes from The Davenport Poisner Mall, as well as super Wal-Mart and walking distance to Publix super market and local restaurants. The town home you will be getting is 2 story, and about 1800-2000 sq ft. There is free WI FI, and cable in the unit as well as washer and dryer. For more info, please log into property ID#340755 at

The Best Info & Comparison Shopping Trends To St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

St Thomas is the most frequented and evolved from all the US Virgin Islands. This stunning island was established by the Danish and its capital city is Charlotte Amalie. It lures tourists with its laid-back atmosphere and some of the most scenic beaches of the Caribbean.

On this page, you’ll discover some interesting and practical pieces of information about this great vacation spot, which includes some things to do, great places to go to, terrific and very helpful suggestions forvacationers and just one of many great lodging options. Read on to discover the best ideas and facts about this gorgeous getaway.

At a St Thomas vacation rental you will feel just like at home, but with a wide range of amenities that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.If you are considering about visiting in the beautiful and charming St Thomas, please think about to stay at one of many hot and alluring St Thomas vacation rentals. A St Thomas vacation house will offer you with a home like experience and a very peaceful surrounding. It doesn’t matter if you are vacationing with your family or alone, a cozy St Thomas vacation cabin will be a great option for you.

Lovely, unspoiled and uncrowded beaches, amazing crystal blue ocean, and beachfront St Thomas vacation villas are the main attractions in this paradise. It offers tourists countless chances for an outside trip. Scuba divers and snorkels will be in heaven!!. Visitors will discover Fort Christian and Blackbeard’s Castle among other amazing places.

Found in the city of Charlotte Amalie, Blackbeard’s Castle is one of five National Historic Landmarks on the US Virgin Islands. It was built in 1679 by the Danes as a watchtower which protected the harbor. Originally called Skytsbord Tower, the castle is now surrounded by a small hotel, a restaurants and a swimming pool.

If you love history and you are visiting St Thomas, you should look at Fort Christian. Its relevance is really extraordinary. It was built to protect St Thomas and its port, because it was always attacked by the pirates and the Britishs. It has an amazing museum, Virgin Islands Museum, that includes a large collection of Amerindian artifacts.

One of the best ways for tourists to visit St Thomas is by taking a ride on the Paradise Point Tramway. It takes visitors 700 feet above Charlotte Amalie and offers excellent views of the harbor and the whole island. Those staying at a St Thomas condo rental can walk a nature trail and enjoy the lush nature of St Thomas while watching an incredible sunset.

Those who like history and would like to learn more about the island’s past, should visit the Government Hill. It is home to various historic attractions such as Government House, 99 Steps, Crown House and Seven Arches Museum.

It is obvious that the main attraction in this amazing place is the beach. Some say that Magens Bay has the most breathtaking view of St Thomas and it is one of the top ten beaches in the planet. It is recommended visiting when the cruise ships are not in, if not, most beaches will be too crowded. Stunning views, amazing snorkeling and good drinks!!.

In the current state of the economy, comparison shopping plays an important role in consumer’s conclusions.

Here you have a great spot to investigate:
St Thomas vacation villa: This is an amazing St Thomas vacation villa called The Hideaway Villa. It has been created to provide the perfect escape on a small 500 acre island in the Caribbean. Hideaway Villa is a two bedroom private home on 2 acres, 50 feet above the spectactular Caribbean Sea, where crystal blue waters gently lap the shore. The property adjoins beautiful Honeymoon Beach offering a relaxed ambience, perfect for holidays. It provides an exclusive hideaway for the fortunate few.For more info and pictures, please check out property ID#232056 at

Useful Tips For Travelers To St Maarten, Caribbean

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

St Martin is really a tiny island located in the northeast part of the Caribbean, just 300 km from Puerto Rico. It’s a divided territory between France (60%) and the Netherlands (40%), a fact that tourists will perceive as a rich and interesting thing along every activity on the island. It is important to know that it is also called St Maarten (from Dutch language Sint Marteen).

In this short article you’ll find out about some great places to visit and the ideal activities to do in St Maarten. Every holiday location has those landmarks and important sites that visitors can’t avoid going to and every city has some activities that are certainly typically the most popular. Plus, it is very important to discover some places to stay, in particular those with the ideal location and rates.

A vacation rental is the best option for those who find themselves touring with their families simply because it is undoubtedly much less expensive and comfortable too than a hotel room. But if someone is traveling alone, the “home away from home feeling” that a vacation rental provides, leads to a friendly and overall great experience for any traveller. St Maarten vacation rentals offer more living space at cost-effective rates and vacationers can choose their ideal vacation home after comparing different lodging choices instead of having just one kind of lodging to choose from.

Those that love scuba diving and snorkeling will love a paradise like St Martin. Imagine seeing 100 feet in a clear water sea, full of a a lot of kinds of coloured fish and plants. There is an amazing dolphin club that your children will love!.

Why St Martin? First, because its spectacular thirty seven white sand beaches, many of them uncrowded and unspoiled. Second, St Marteen has a really clear sea that those who love watersports and surfing consider a perfect place. And third, its weather is amazing during all year round.

Following a relaxing day at the beach, maybe you would consider some shopping. St Marteen is filled with amazing and modern stores. Do not forget that is a place free of taxes, so prices are less costly and you will have the chance to buy some things at amazing prices. From French and Italian clothes to technology from Japan, St Martin has everything.

Most tourists choose Frontstreet as the very first place to go shopping. It is a very, VERY packed street that has become a very popular tourist center for those who love a duty-free experience. From some great local stores to those luxury brand stores like Ralph Lauren, Longchamp, Lacoste, every object of desire can be find there. Great restaurants, an amazing beach and a perfect place to shop, what else are you looking for?.

Dining at St. Martin is unlike any other Caribbean island. Visitors of a St. Martin accommodation will get a real “taste of France” along with a variety of delicious sea food. Just as the French tradition dictates, multi course dinners here can literally last the whole evening; so if eating is one of your favorite things to do, spend some time and enjoy.

If staying all day at the beach is too much for you, consider taking time for gambling. Maho Bay is like a tiny Las Vegas Strip. It is located in the southwestern part of the coast. You will find some great casinos, some amazing clubs along with unique jewellers, boutiques, art galleries, and fancy restaurants.

A market research study provided by a favorite travel website ensures that 72.89 percent of tourists who were looking for lodging were interested in Big Bear Lake vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and hotels.
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A Practical Guide For Travelers To Rome, Italy

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Rome is definitely the Eternal City, a magic mix of the past and the present in just one city. A perfect blend of ancient ruins and modern arquitecture, historic places merged in contemporary landscapes. Italy is very well known for its great cuicine, and it is almost impossible to discover Rome without tasting its delicious food, a landamark found in every restaurant all over the city. For those with a religious interest, the Vatican City nestled in the heart of Rome, brings a powerful testimony for their faith.

In this short article become familiar with about some great sites to visit and the ideal things you can do in Rome. Every vacation spot has those landmarks and traditional sites that travelers can’t avoid going to and every city has some activities that are unquestionably the favourite. Plus, it is very important to discover some places to stay, in particular those with the ideal location and rates.

A vacation rental is the best option for those people who are vacationing with their families due to the fact it is definitely much less expensive and comfortable too than a hotel room. But if an individual is traveling alone, the home away from home feeling that a vacation rental provides, results in a friendly and overall great experience for any traveller. Rome vacation rentals offer more living space at cost-effective rates and visitors can choose their ideal vacation home after comparing different lodging choices instead of having just one kind of holiday accommodation to choose from.

The Pantheon is one of Rome’s signature buildings. It was rebuilt in 117-125 AD by Emperor Hadrian and it was originally built as a temple of all the gods of Ancient Rome. It is currently the oldest standing domed structure in Rome. Book a Rome apartment and appreciate the beauty of this structure.

Worth visiting while staying at a boutique hotel in Rome; The Vatican City is the papa residence and it was built over the tomb of Saint Peter. Inside the city visitors can find 11 Vatican museums and Vatican Gardens that will enchant even most experienced travelers.

One of the main attractions of the city, Rome’s squares are a great place to mingle with locals an tourists alike. The Piazza del Campidoglio located on the Capitol Hill is the Italian Government headquarters and the Piazza Venzia is a representation of the city’s heart. Visitors can find Rome homes nearby.

The Colosseum is one of the most impressive historic sites of the planet. The sheer size of the stadium is overwhelming. It has so much history and the story of its construction is unique. Try to pay a guided tour, so you will avoid the long lines to enter and it is worth it although the ticket costs a little bit more.

Museum supporters will fin themselves at heaven when visiting a Rome hotel. From the Vatican Museum, the Capitoline Museum to the Wax Museum and the National Museum of Pasta; the options are simply unlimited. Book now anapartment in Rome and have fun while learning.

Deciding where to stay in your vacation can be a little difficult task. Comparing different kinds of accommodations is very helpful to this.

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Rome Vacation Apartment: The apartment Parione is located in the historical centre of Rome, in one of the most attractive neighborhoods of the city, just two minutes walking from Navona Place and ten minutes from Spanish Steps.
It is located in an ancient but recently restored building. We offer a cozy bedroom with a queen size bed and a huge wardrobe, a lovely living room with a fireplace and two amazingly comfortable sofas (one can also be used as a queen size bed, the other as a single bed), a fully equipped kitchen and a large bathroom (with shower). The apartment and the neighborhood give to every guest a familiar atmosphere. The old streets of the historical centre offer a wide range of bar, pubs, restaurants and shops. Also, there is a small attractive and traditional fresh fruits and vegetables market located just in front of the building. For more info and photos, please have a look at property ID#383590, at