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Known as “La Ciudad Amurallada,” San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and a major port and touristic center of the West Indies. The city is divided in three different areas that include the Old San Juan, the Resort area and other outlying communities such as the Rio Piedras, Hato and Puerta Tierra among others.

In this short review about San Juan you will find the best things to do and places to visit in this great area. It is very important to know about the most traditional and typical activities that every tourist should checking out before leaving this destination, because every vacation spot has great landmarks and historical places that should not be missed.

Are you currently considering a different lodging in your next vacation? A vacation rental is a great idea. First, it’s a home away from home. It helps you feel more comfortable and free. Second, generally, hotel rooms are more expensive than private rentals. San Juan vacation rentals are definitely more affordable. And third, a vacation rental in San Juan is perfect for a family or large groups. It offers more space and privacy.

Being the capital of the country, San Juan offers visitors an incredible assortment of entertainment activities. From regular beach activities such as water sports and scuba diving to excellent nightlife, incredible restaurants and numerous San Juan resorts vacationing in San Juan will never disappoint you. Read on to explore the possibilities.

If you would like to feel just like a pirate of the Caribbean, San Juan’s Old City is definitely for you. The city’s two major fortresses, San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal were built more than 400 years ago and a pleasure to explore. The city also features numerous bars and restaurants for San Juan condo guests to enjoy.

There are tourists that can’t leave a city without visiting its museums. San Juan has some amazing museums to visit. For example, El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is one of those places you must check. First, the old and beautiful building is very attractive and it is very well maintained, and it is a work of art itself. The admission ticket is very reasonable, and it has a great parking space. But this museum is more than that. It helds a lot of festivals and concerts too.

Palomino Island is a great option for those staying in a vacation apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This small, quiet and private island is a little paradise of clear water and totally white, and soft sand. It is accesible by ferry. It is not a cheap trip but it is definitely a worthy one, specially for those who love snorkeling.

At first it could be an odd option, but it is not. The amazing, very picturesque and remarkable seaside San Juan Cemetery is a must visit. Breathtaking views of the sea and a lot of spectacular graves to see, including white stone statues and many works of art. It will leave you mesmerized and it will give you a lot to meditate on. Definitely a great place to be buried!.

It is impossible to avoid a visit to El Morro (Castillo de San Felipe del Morro). This amazing fortress was built to defend the San Juan seaside in the 17th and 18th centuries. It rises 140 feet above the ocean on a hill and there are 6 different levels in this spectacular old fortress. Amazing architecture, very impressive structure and a lot to see and enjoy.

Deciding where to stay in your vacation can be a little difficult job. Comparing different kinds of accommodations is very helpful to this.

As an example, below you will find a place to stay in San Juan.

San Juan vacation rental: Elegant, historic and very romantic. Reminiscent of by-gone era. Two (2) large bedrooms, l bath apartment. Very private, ample kitchen leads to its own, cozy and romantic patio to enjoy a morning coffee or relax in the late afternoon after a day spent exploring the oldest city in the New World or touring the island and its beaches.
Newly renovated and decorated. Satellite TV and WI-FI, A / C. All new except for the historic building (1804). Built by the Spanish government for an officer in the Army during the Spanish quest for discovering the New World.
Very high ceilings (16′-18 ‘), original architectural design and preserved materials. Easily accessible from street level and to very important and interesting attractions in this city dating to the Spanish conquest of the island. Walking distance to the New World’s first university (now the Hotel El Convento) monitored by the Catholic church at that time. Hotel is right in front of the San Juan Cathedral. Ballaja army headquarters, and everything is, and nearby El Morro Castle from which the Spanish army would ward off invading forces Such as Sir Francis Drake and other pirates. For more pictures and information about this amazing vacation apartment in San Juan, Puerto Rico, please take a closer look at property #385026 at

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